Sunday, December 9, 2012

In less than 24 hours....

I'm going lie down on the operation bed, waiting to be slaughter. Scary isn't? But looking at the bright side, tomorrow is the day that we are gonna meet this guy face to face. Excited, very excited. I just hope he is making the right choice, choose wisely, baby..... please choose the same thing as your kor kor choosed, ok? Except maybe the hair. I would love you to have straight hair, :)

Caleb has been quite cranky lately. I'm not sure if he could sense didi is on the way or he is already getting used following us everywhere that we go. There were a few times that we need to leave him at home with my mil while we need to attend some dinner. He just went berserk when he knew that he need to stay at home with mah mah. poor boy, he was really crying his lungs out! So, no choice, need to bribe him with things that he really like, just like FOOD and FOOD and more FOOD! And sometimes his favourite cartoon channel on Youtube.

11:12pm now and everybody is snoring on the bed and I'm still widely awake. Better get some sleep now as I know that will be the thing I miss the most after the baby arrived. 

Okla, wish me luck. I'll post some pictures tomorrow IF I still have the strength to do so. :)

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