Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Caleb is having fever now...

26 days to go....

Caleb was having a mild fever yesterday around noon. I don't know what goes wrong. Maybe it's the weather or something he ate the day before or that morning. Btw, he whacked 2 pancakes at Tappers for breakfast but I don't think that's the culprit. Maybe he didn't drink enough water. At home, I need to yell at him ask him to drink more water but when he's in school, most days he come back with an empty bottle. Another reason why I like him to be in school :)

Anyway, I didn't feed him with any medicine. Just one tablet of 500mg Vitamin C and a lot of water and I put a wet handkerchief on his forehead throughout the night. Turned out, I had a headache whole morning because I couldn't sleep well the whole night, it's like constantly I need to check his temperature, put wet hanky, touched his body if he got cold hands or feet, listening to his breathing, put blanket for him which he'd kicked off the next minute. Phewww...that was really tired.

I just tucked him in for afternoon nap. His forehead is a bit hot.'s going to be sleepless night for me again. 

My tea time today, I whacked a packet of Mister Potato (Hot and Spicy) and I drank root beer. Ahhhh.....bliss.

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