Saturday, August 18, 2012

At 22 weeks....

At 22 weeks and I'm as big as a baby whale. Oh.....not a mother whale yet, but soon I guess. Sighh.....officially from day 1 of my pregnancy until now, I've already gained 9kg of weight. Yes, you heard me right. I got another half way to go and I've already gained so much. How about the rest of it? I don't even dare to think about it. *shudder, shudder*

Lil bun growing happily and healthily in the oven. So happy that he keep on boxing and kicking me everyday. Sometimes, he aimed for the bladder and when that happened, I have a sudden urge to pee even I've just peed 5 minutes ago.

We went for monthly check up just now and my Obs confirmed with me again on how I choose to have my delivery. And one more time I told him I'll go for C-sect no matter what. "Even when everything is ok? I mean like no high-blood pressure, baby's weight is ok, head circumference is just nice, bla, bla, bla?"

I smiled and nodded.

I mean why go through all the agony again? When I was with Caleb, I wanted to go for natural birth. Yes la, everybody want to experience it once in a lifetime (for mother-to-be la) but then the pain is really really can ripped you into 2 parts. And the thing is, after going through excruciating pain, my dilation was still remained close shut, zero cm, nothing.... yilek..... Ending up, Caleb decided to poo inside me and straight away go for Emergency C-sect already.

So, for now, C-sect is for me. I heard some people said, if the first time it didn't open, for your rest of your life you can kiss bye-bye to it as it won't open up anymore. Is it true? I don't know if it true. Anyway, if you ask me, I'm don't have the courage to undergo such tremendous pain anymore, thank you very much.

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