Friday, July 22, 2011

Pumpkin porridge with fried fish paste

This is what I cooked for Caleb's lunch today. Pumpkin porridge with fish slices and top fried fish paste. Yum yum right? :)

I threw in the pumpkin when I started to cook the porridge. By the time porridge was ready, so does the pumpkin too. I marinated a few fish slices that I took from my mom's place. My mom always prepare all my fish stock for me to take back home. Aren't I lucky :)

Anyway, I lightly fried the fish paste with a bit of oil. I cut it up in cubes and just sprinkled on top of the pumpkin porridge. Smell nice...look so elegant too. Just like one of Anthony Bourdain soup dishes. was polished within minutes. I asked Caleb "Nice?". He said "niceee.."

And that's all I need to hear :)

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