Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Caleb's homemade Birthday cake

Last weekend was Caleb's 2nd birthday. So fast, in a blink of eye he is entering "The Terrible 2" stage. But I guess he started in "The Terrible 2" stage much more earlier, yeah like 2 years ago...haha

Anyway, I'm praying to GOD each day to give me more strength and sanity to handle him. It is a real exhausting and challenging job I would say - physically and mentally.

Ok, enough about that. Now back to the topic.

We celebrated Caleb's birthday a day earlier as we were planning to go back to our hometown on his actual date. It was just a simple celebration, a dinner at TGIF and candle-blowing at home with me, jk and Caleb. Hahaha...simple right?

I made him a cake myself, ahem...... :)

The first attempt fail miserably as the cake didn't rise and was dense and hard, because I didnt add in the milk into the mixture!
I was like "sei lo - how how how ar?" but nothing can be done because it already in the oven. :(
All I can do is just hope for the best to come although deep down I know it is impossible...

So, I started working on the ingredient again and this time, it turned out ok. It rise evenly and spongy to touch. Pheewww.... if not, we really need to go down to a bakery shop and buy one. :)

Melted some dark semi sweet chocolate and poured all over it after the cake was cooled down. Sliced some peaches and arrange it all around. Sprinkled some colorful cake decoration and ta-daaaa... A Birthday Cake!

I bought the '2' candle from a bakery shop. Hehe....abit different from those typical candles la, but too bad, can re-use anymore..... :(

You must be asking, "Caleb stick to you like a leech, he didnt disturb you?"
Of cox he did, I shoo-ed him away telling him I'm making a cake.... Quietly he went away and the next minute I checked on him, he's playing with his blocks.

Yeah, a rare sight in 100 years (pak nien nan tak yat kin)

Just now who said I'm naughty? :D

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