Thursday, July 29, 2010

Caleb is 1 year old + my delivery story

My superbaby already 1 year old.

1 year. I can't believe it.

It was just like yesterday I gave birth to a tiny adorable lil baby who changed my life, physically and mentally.

I just noticed that I didnt blog anything about my delivery, the day when Caleb decided he had enough swimming lesson inside my tummy and come out to greet the world.

Fresh from the oven

So, today I'm going to blog about my labour and delivery which was dated last year, 23rd of July.

A week before my labour, on my final visit to my gynae, he told me to get prepare as baby might coming out by next week. He also told me to go straight to hospital in case I got any one of these symptoms: Spotting, Water Broke and Contraction. But not to wait until these 3 comes together. Well, ok fine.

The next day (friday) we went to Port Dickson and stayed a night there. :) You can read about my trip here.

A few hour later...

Anyway, I talked to my baby that day.  
Please let mami enjoy these 2 days ok? Dont come out first ok? You guai guai and mami sayang you more *muaks muaks*

I think he's really listening because while I'm in PD, there was nothing happen until we came back the next day. On Sunday, I saw little blood dot on my panty. As I thought only a little, so, I didnt want to go to the hospital. Later on that day I didnt see any blood coming out again.

The next day, nothing happen. Life as usual woke up, bathed, pangsai'ed', ate breakfast, online, blablabla, bliblibli........

Until Tuesday...
I think I got contractions coming and going, but it just a tingling feeling at my lower abdomen that only lasted for 5 seconds. Interval were irregular like 20 minutes, 15 and sometimes 30 minutes apart.

Later that evening, nothing happen and my life as usual again.... :)

Wednesday came...
This day is a very 'chi kek' day because I got more than just a tingling feeling in the afternoon. More like stomach cramping as if I'm havinga bad period day. So, I jotted down the interval and duration of the contractions. I dont know why I didnt think of going to the hospital that time. Yes, I'm stubborn.

Until evening time, contractions become more and more intensed and frequent. I told jk before we went to bed if i kicked slapped him in the middle of the night, that means I'm in hell of pain or blood gushing out or water flooded the whole bed already and need to go to hospital at ONCE. (hahahaha)

He got so shock and quickly go to sleep.

Thursday :)

Amazingly I slept through the night without any problem but as soon as I woke up around 9:30am, I felt the contraction again. This time was serious. Very intense pain with 5 minutes apart and each contraction last for 15 seconds. I started to get panic and call to hospital and telling them my situation. The nurse on the other line telling me to go to hospital immediately.

So, I told jk, "eh, really need to go hospital already la." He said "ok ok" I quickly bathed, washed hair, packed my bag, changed footy's and caca's tray (all these while with my contraction going on...) Huffing and puffing every 3 minutes. (yea, by now it was 3 minutes apart...OMG)

On the way going to hospital, jk asked me whether want to tapau MCD breakfast or not. Lolz...still can think of food :)

I said "better dont la, contraction is getting very painful leh."

He said "ok, better listen to what the doctor have to say first, if he say can then I go tapau for you, ok?"


Reached SJMC in half an hour. We straight away went to my gynae's clinic and waited outside. I think my face expression said it all because we only waited for 2 minutes and the nurse let me and see doctor.

So, once inside my gynae asked me to lie down and check my dilation. Wah...that checking damn damn painful. More painful then my contraction going on. He said 'not yet open' and after he checked, blood gushing out already. We got a good scolding from him....*yes, dai sei*

Dr: When you got blood spotting?

Me: Err...actually few days ago....

Dr: Tell me exact date.

Me: Yesterday..? (I lied :))

Dr: Then why you didnt come to the hospital? Didnt I told you that if you are having one of the 3 symptoms, you need to come?

Me: ..... (then i pretend I'm in pain, err, doc, cannot talk la..pain) *pass the ball to jk*

Jk: Ohh...she thought a bit only, so it's ok.

Dr: A bit or not a bit, it is still blood. It is either you have it or dont. Then a bit means have or not? Have right? Then why you all didnt come? (didnt I told you that I'm terrified of my gynae like hell?)
I dont know why you guys are soooo reluctant to come to the hospital......
*continue nagging and naggin and nagging....*

Me: *silent* blueekkk...ppl so pain de still want to nag....haiiii

Dr: Need to admit to the labour ward. Go now....

Jk: Labour ward? She can deliver already arr?

Dr: Can't you see she's in a serious contraction?

Both of us... *silent*


I was admitted to labour ward at 11am. Was induced instantly using an IV drip the moment I hit the bed. I would say the most terrifiying thing during my whole labour process was I'm being poked for 4 FREAKING DAMN TIMES!!!!!

4 times!!! Can you imagine that?

And the needle used to induce me was a big as my thigh! My glory mercy GOD! I'm having trauma wtf wtf

I keep on asking the nurse "eh, sakit tak? hati hati ok, tolong cari baik baik,ok? jangan sakit sangat, ok?"

The nurse also "kan cheong"....hehehe

To cut the story short, I was checked for dilation for 5 damn times after I was being induce but sadly, my opening only 1cm despite my contraction so intense and last for 20 seconds with 90 seconds interval. Wahhh....the feeling soooooooo HIGH!! I hardly can catch my breath.

When I was checked for the 5th time, my water broke with a smelly odour and green in color. Ooohhh.....Caleb pooped inside me. I dont know if this is a good thing or not because when that happened, I need to go for Emergency Caesarian. So, no more contraction and no more poking.
The time showed 1pm. Operation schedule at 3pm. Then nurses coming and going preparing all the necessaries. My contractions still as painful as hell.

I was soon wheeled to C-sect room and before that jk looked at my pale-scary-ghost-like face and assured me that everything is going to be fine. I can see he's worried too....

Before going inside the Operation Room, Dr. 'Anaesthetician' (sorry, I hardly can remember her name, but she is a very nice young lady) explained to me each anaesthetic which I can choose between Partially or Fully knocked out. The only thing in my mind is "Can I know how big is the needle?" "Which one is more painful?"
I wished somebody can knocked me on my head and make me faint at that moment.

That is my only concern. Now you can really know how terrifying me of NEEDLE! hahaha

I choosed partially and I got 2 jab on my backbone. After the jab, I'm so relieved of the pain. more pain...

15 minutes later, they pulled Caleb out from me and I can see him for the first time. Yes, I'm excited and over whelming :) nearly want to cry...
The nurse took  him to me and I kissed him on the forehead before they took him away for cleaning and wrapping and also before taking him out to see his Dadi.

Yes, I think this post is the longest post that I've written. There was still here and there incident but I'll try to blog about it next time.

And how, my superbaby already woke up from his nap.

Need to entertain him already...

Here, enjoy his pictures.

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