Monday, July 20, 2009

PD Avillion @ 37 weeks

Backdated post. Should have finish up this post the night my contraction start. Mana tau, the next day I ended up in SJMC already...

I think I should blog about my PD trip before I'm off for my labour. Not sure when it will be but some of the signs are really showing... :S

Last friday (I'm in my week 37), we went to Avillion Port Dickson with my tummy looking like this.
No wonder I get stares from people walking opposite me.
Anyway, I've never been to Avillion in PD before. My last trip to PD was 5 or 6 years ago with a bunch of girlfriends and we stayed at those cheap hotel. Well at that time most of us were just start working. Not that we have so much to spend also. Really miss those carefree days: talk-plan-go :D
Beautiful scenery

Our room No. 946, almost at the end of the resort...
We arrived at PD around 2:30pm. Oh, actually the purpose of the whole trip was to take wedding pictures and videos. No-la, not me in my pregnant-wedding-gown, it is for jk's good friend. So, I just tagged along since there were nobody at home that day.

Jk registering at lobby

It was not in our initial plan to stay over but upon reaching there, we saw a petting farm with plentiful of jumping-furry-long ear-aka RABBITS!!
Actually there are a lot more rabbits lying around, just that I have no idea how to gather them and take a 'family potrait', haha.
Free haagen dazs ICE-CREAM!! inside a fridge..

Yea, right...can go sleep early tonight and dream about it... lol

This craving pregnant lady have to fork out RM14 + 5% government tax and 10% service charge which total up to RM16.10 for an ice cream, you know.
Ok ok..her husband did.

Coffee Almond flavour.
Issit good? Well, yeap.
Does it worth Rm16.10? Nope.
But cannot do anything also :D

See? they even craved 'haagen-dazs' on the wooden stick. What can I say? All this is hidden cost behind Rm16.10, right?
Peacocks all over the resort. Dont like them. Cocky fellas...
Every morning at 10am, they allow hotel guests to go in and feed all the animals. I want to go in too, but too bad, jk dont allow.
Well, I can only watch it over the fence. Jk, next time we go again, ok? (*wink wink) and I dont mean to petting zoo,ok? hehe
See? All the pets flocking around humans...and humans so eager to feed the pets.
And let's us meet this lansi chicken. While others are so busy pretending cute and hoping to be fed, this chicken just stand way up on a wooden stool and stare. I was bit scared when taking this picture, he look as if he might fly to me and poke my camera lens or my eyes or something like
PD Avillion have real nice room. With sheer white lining hanging over the four-poster bed. For a moment I thought I'm having my honeymoon. But one glance over my tummy...mmm...nope, that's not really happening. :)

Pangkin day bed which serve as Mr. Lee's night bed because we suddenly took over the bed. hehe.... What is the meaning of pangkin anyway?
Mr Lee busy checking his equipment for the photoshoot later...Shhh...better dont disturb.You free ar? Come, help me take pictures...hahaha. Come on...move it move it!Pictures inside the bathroom. Toiletries. Nice arrangement.Nice toilet bowl. Too bad I can't 'mm mm' the next day. LolThey have this open skies concept bathroom, shower and toilet. So you can bath, shit or brush your teeth while watching an aeroplane flying over your head at the same time.

See there is a window there? The window actually connected thru bedroom and it cannot be locked on the bathroom side. So, I wont recommend to stay in this room if you are coming with a bunch of your mischevious friends. Nope...too dangerous.For a hefty Rm580 pernight, we found something that are not expected to be found.

A broken chair and holes on the sheer lining cloth above the bed. Not really a good image to show to your customer and moreover you are charging RM580 pernight leh....

Every chalet unit have this private balcony specifically over looking the Straits of Malacca.

but no hanging of clothes at the balcony hor...environment pollution.
Ok, back to work...

As Mr. Lee and Jk get down to work, taking pictures and video...
and me searching for any benchs or chairs to sit and eat my pringles, lol.Come and meet the new brides....Mr and Mrs TeohPretty bride.....She is a very nice and funny girl. I'm really glad to meet you. :DMr Teoh become restless after taking pictures for a few hours. After all those posing instructions head turn to left, eyes to the right, body swift to left, butt to right and bla bla bla...and smileee.

I totally understand how's that feeling. I remember when we took our wedding pictures, after few hours, my smile turned stiff and stared at the photographer. Tired like hell...

See, the bridegroom near to losing his mind and turned into chihuahua////...haha...kidding, kidding :) Well, congratulation new bride and groom. Me and jk wishing you 'white head till old'


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