Monday, June 28, 2010

You got study HTML one meh?

One of my best friend msned me the other day asking me how to create a blogspot account. So I said "Just go to any blogspot and click create blog la. Then just follow the instruction written there. Very simple jek"

After I told him that, I continued with my usual routines of facebooking, replying my mail, checking new stock from supplier, liase with supplier, asking for discount..blablabla....bliblibli

Until he 'ping'ed me again moment later.

J: Eh, already done but why look so ugly one? Yours is very nice ler. you go and see.

Me: Ok (So, I went into the address that he gave me. Well, nothing special. Basically there's nothing to see. Hahaha...)

Me: Is like that la...this consider amateur, sometimes need to study the html in order to do a nicer one. (Wahhhhh...I tell you, I feel so lansi when I replied him like that (sorry, no offence ya! :>))

He got so shocked when I told him that.

J: You got study html one meh? How you know? So canggih...I'm impressed wor..So, leng lui, you free or not? so leng la...

Me: Can....bribe me lar...(ngek ngek ngek)

So, I agreed making one for him. Actually I feel quite happy also. At least somebody know that I'm good at something invaluable and not just all the housewife's thingy.

I'm thinking of posting this picture inside his blog....

Just to remind him about his previous 'ducky' business


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