Sunday, June 27, 2010

Naked? Who naked?

For some reasons, I like to take off Caleb's top and take pictures.

Sometimes, I will poke, squeeze and bite into his flesh.Wahahaha...this mami is crazy one. I know.

But I still get a lot of comments on how my son is skinny, face so small, not enought eat ar?, body so kecik, what you feed him?.
Now, look at those  muscles least now he got 3-packs of those now.

Carrying him made my shoulder ache nowaday. The longer I carry him, my whole body will screaming in pain. That is why the job of carrying him belongs to jk now. I'm taking the role like a maid. Packing up things, carry the bag, open the door, switch off the light/fan, close and lock the door, pushing the lift buttons,....only when we reach the car, jk will only pass him to me.

I like to see my son naked topless

and making funny faces.....hahaha *evil evil*

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