Saturday, January 9, 2010

Last Christmas

Few weeks ago, we went to The Curve.
Main purpose is to bring Caleb to see light-light and bling-bling which is the reason I gave to lure his dadi to bring us go out for kai kai...
I love everything with Christmas.

I love Christmas trees.

I love Christmas ornaments.

I love Christmas songs.

I love Christmas lights

I love that Christmas atmosphere....and

I do love December.

In the car on the way to The Curve. I can't wait!

Coffee Beans Breakfast. It first recommend to me by my cousin sister and it got me hooked ever since.
This is also the first time jk agree with me in having breakfast in Coffee Bean!!

Well, jk can be a real mainland 'ah pek' when it comes to food. As what he said " Aiya...wan tan mee, lo mai kai, kai fan are the best and cheap breakfast ma" Anyway, just ignore his statement la.

Caleb waiting for his meal to be served.

His 2nd meal of the day. Notice my giant caterpillar drinking 7oz of milk?

Finally I'm full. Ok, I'll quietly lie down on my stroller and let mami eat her breakfast in peace.

Nope, that not likely what's happening. As soon as I put him down, he started to squirming inside and jk have to bring him outside strolling around  while I can eat my breakfast.
         brek o' day. Lovely....

uhhh...scrambled egg

After breakfast, it's time to walk around but Caleb is giving me a sleepy face.

No choice lor. So, I just walked into shops and pushing him around. After 20 minutes, I peeked at him and he already sleeping soundly.

But as soon as he slept, he woke up half and hour later. But that's okla, because normally when he wake up from nap, he would be very chirpy. Then it's pictures time.
Ok, he still blur from his nap...

Now, this better...because my hand tickle him at the back. lol

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Sujean said...

I love december also... besides those christmas & new yr holidays , it a;so my birthday... and of coz... yours one also... kekeke...!!

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