Friday, January 8, 2010

the day Caleb nearly fall down from bed

Caleb is 5 months and 2 weeks now. He can roll over in a split seconds. He is learning how to crawl last week and he already mastered the skill improving bit by bit. He'll push both of his legs, bringing the whole body forward. But sometimes he would tumbling down with the head and roll over side way. I hope you know what am I trying to explain here. :)

We are back at my hometown now. And yesterday, this lil' caterpillar (haha..yes, I give alot of nicknames) had a near-fall-down-from-bed accident.

pls ignore the baby at the back. Just pay attention to the bolsters :)

I barricade him with 2 homemade heavy cottons bolsters before I went to the kitchen to have my lunch. Half and hour later, I went to check on him. He's still sleeping. Then I went back to kitchen for my soup and fruits. After that I wanted to go and bath but somehow, instinct told me to go and check on him again. Ok, went back to my room and I found Caleb at the edge licking the wooden bed frame. OMFG!!!!
How he manage to push through 2 heavy bolsters and crawled so far I have no idea. The only thing I know at that moment, my 2 legs turned into jelly bean. Luckily that unthinkable incident didnt happen. Believe it or not, the whole night I was trying to figure out what should I do if he really fall down from the bed. Pheewww..... maybe the 'bedside fairy' really watching over him :D

I bet I scare the shit of out mami....he he he


Sujean said...

Aiyo... the face so giat...!!!

Wabbitfoot said...

like tha father lar...hahaha

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