Friday, December 25, 2009

My first birthday with Caleb

This year is a very special year because it's the first time I get to celebrate birthday with Caleb. Even thou jk 'kinda' forget all about it in the first place. Why the word 'kinda'?

Let me tell you a story...

A week before my birthday, I've 'brightly' hint it to him:

Me: Eh, my birthday is coming lar...

Jk: (he give me a 5 cents face first)....

Me: forgot!!

Jk: No no no...I remember lar

Me: Ok

Ok, fine...that's the end of part one.

On the day itself (it falls on Sunday this year):

While having breakfast in one of the newly mushrooming kopitiam:

Me: Eh, what we going to have for dinner tonight?

Jk: Dunno...(flipping the menu, and very quickly ignore the dinner thing) but the steak here is not nice. All in sizzling pan only....

Me: Oh...why dont we go to Tony Roma's tonight for steak?

Jk: is sunday. It is always pack with people of weekends. No no no....I dont want to go to any shopping complex today. Aiya...why you always like to go to all those shopping complex on weekend?

Me: Errr....because today is my birthday lor (and I give him my 2 cents face)

Jk: (fuiyoh...i tell you, the face expression is so priceless....hahaha) Opppsss......

So, for the past half an hour while we were having breakfast,
jk's mind wondering: quick quick, think of, fast....LOL

And then out of sudden, he said;
no need to go shopping complex also can eat steak one. We have thousands of restaurant here....

Oklor, fine. :)

So, here we went to that night. STADT, German Cuisine & Bistro

Flipping the menu. By the way, this is a non halal restaurant because pork is found everywhere inside the menu! Caleb was behaving himself in the first session. Quietly sitting inside his rocker and sucking his fingers.
Jk's cousin was there too! That night expenses was all beared by him. He he..thanks wor.

Jk: shit, how can I forget my own wife's birthday? haha
By 15 mintues, Caleb begin to squirming inside his rocker. Making alot of noises. So, carried him and took some photos with me.
My drink. Razzle Citrus something...I couldnt remember the name.
So, main course #1. Something with pork...
Taste quite alright I would say.Macaroni with alot alot of cheese. Personally, I dont like this. Too cheesy and overhelming.
Combo mixed Sausages. Grilled Pork German Sausage, Nuerenberger, Vienna, Thueringer & Smoked Garlic Sausage, served with Mashed Potato, salad and few choices of sauce.
Taste was ok. So so...we still like nando's sausage the best. That's what we call 'heavenly'...
BBQ Spare Ribs with Glazed Honey.
Caleb sleeping in my arm again. This guy must be very tired because despite the environment was so noisy with music, people chit chatting..., he still can sleep very soundly.
Ok, Mami want to eat already. You sleep in your rocker, ok?
See? So 'yau yeng'...
After a 'whole-meat-no-vege' dinner, went back and had a blowing candle and cake cutting ceremony.
Dadi, put me down...I want to cut cake with mami
Our first family picture.

It was a great and meaningful birthday indeed....

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