Thursday, April 18, 2013

Conversation with Caleb @ 3 years & 9 months old

Conversation with Caleb now a day.....

Scene 1:

Yesterday after came back from school, the father would normal bathed him. After bath, he walked over to the dining table, see what's for lunch. I served him a bowl of vegetable porridge. 2 of the things he hated the most, vege and porridge. Hahaha....

Caleb: What's that?

Me: Chuk-chuk (porridge)

Caleb: No, I don't want chuk-chuk.

Me: Yes, you need to eat chuk-chuk. Finish it. (Am I sound like Hitler here?)

Caleb: But I don't know how to finish chuk-chuk.....

Me: I think you don't know how to watch tv too, (Normally I'd let him watch his favourite Artzooka on Astro 612 before his afternoon nap) so, don't watch, ok?

Caleb: Noooo.......I want to watch. I know......

Me: So, finish your chuk-chuk and then you can watch.

Caleb: Sigh....oooookkkkk.

Yeah! Mami 1 - Baby 0

Scene 2:

Me: Caleb, this Jake and the pirate is the last one, ok? (while he watch Disney Junior on tv) After this we go afternoon nap.

Caleb: Ok.

After the programme is finished, I heard some yelling between him and my mil.

Mil: Ok, finish already. Now is Ma Ma's turn.

Caleb: Nooo, I want to watch the next one.

Mil: Mami said finish, last one already. Now is afternoon nap time.

Caleb: Noooo....

I quickly come out from the room and took him in.

Me: Caleb, what happen? What did mami said just now? Did mami said Jake and the Pirate is the last one?

Caleb: Yes....but I forgot.

Me: (Speechless. Dunno what to say...)

Mami -1, Baby -1

JK was there in the room, he took blanket and cover his face - laughing hysterically inside. I have to put on a serious face trying very hard not to laugh.....My goodness, I can't imagine when he get older. The head is full of reasons and excuses. Now I need something to boost up my brain also.....


mun said...

Good to record down the conversations for Caleb to read when he grows up.

Wabbitfoot said...

I think he will deny it.. haha

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