Monday, February 25, 2013

Caven @ 10 weeks old

Little Caven is almost 10 weeks old now. For a start, Caven is an illegal baby because he hasn't get his birth certificate/mykid.

Why right?

Because the father totally forgotten about it. It was when we decided to take Caven for a jab then only we realised he got no IC! Yeah, what a lousy parent we are. Boooo........

Anyway, we got it done by now and still waiting for collection. Hope everything'll turn out fine and Caven can own his legal mykid.


Breastfeeding is progressing very well. I'm still direct latching him day and night. Now he has become a very good latcher. Everytime he found his 'food source' (aka my breast la), he'll open his mouth real big and 'ngap' with a strong suction. Can really feel he drawing out the milk.

This is his face after a satisfying meal :) - Mabuk (drunk)

Currently he is drinking 6-7 times in 24 hours. I'm not sure how much he drink thou but as long as he gave me more than 6 wet nappies and heavy/scary poos every alternate day (not to mention that mabuk look), I shouldn't be worry. I'm still amaze how he could survive just with my milk.


By now, Caven's sleeping pattern is quite routine and manageable. There were times when he just want to be cuddled and swayed in your arm. The moment you put him down on bed or rocker or whatever, ka-ching, both eyes were wide open like an owl and start to wail again.

He would normally nap once in the morning and a long nap in the afternoon. What I mean long nap is like 3-4 hours in one stretch (good eh?). That's why I make both of them nap at the same time so that I could have my cuppa coffee and doing things on my lappie in peace. Yay!!

Caven became quite cranky in the evening, most evening. This is the time when he just want to be cuddle and sleep in human-arm with human body heat. Previously we were passing him around when one needs a toilet break. But now, I'm babywearing him.

Boy, he just look warm and snug in there and he fall asleep in the matter of second. Jk was commenting this piece of cloth is awesome. Hahaha......whatever thing that can make him stop yelling and crying is just great la. Hak! The only downside of this wrap is it's kinda warm and I'm sweating all over. So, I need to make sure the air-con is on when I'm babywearing him. :)


He is quite alert now and I even caught him smiling and coo-ing a few times after his satisfying meal. Sometimes he squeal too, letting out a loud shriek. Mobility wise, he could lift his head up for a few second when I put him on his tummy then plopped down, face flat on bed. Then he'd yelling for help with hands flying in air. Haha...that's cute. No worry, next time mami will take a picture first before coming to your rescue.

This is how we like to describe him. Cow with 2 horns. Hak! Hak!
He got powerful legs and his kicking is really hurt sometimes. No joke! Especially when his mang-chang angin going on. Need to be careful holding him tight so that he won't fall. Just that thought is enough to send shiver down my spine.

I can't wait for him to laugh hysterically. That would be fun!


Mommy to Chumsy said...

awww...what a cutie baby. He has alert eyes :D

Wabbitfoot said...

Thanks :)

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