Sunday, October 23, 2011

Padi House @ Sri Petaling

When it come looking for food outside our comfort zone (means in Puchong), we wouldn't bother to take Sri Petaling into our consideration. Of course until one fine day, my best friend took me there for dinner. There are so many eatery shops mushrooming as if I've stepped into another Bandar Puteri or Taipan area.

We went there for lunch today after picked up my mil at Bukit Jalil LRT station. We didn't know which shop taste better than other, so we randomly choose one.

PADI HOUSE. Catchy name, dont you think?

I think this is a very sweet picture of son and father :)
It's an open-air concept cafe which provide a quite comfy setting and the interior were furnished with a landscaped fish pond. Caleb was ecstatic when he saw all those fishy-fishy swimming around.

A lil peek inside their interior.
Personally I like their interior very much. Much more better than Pappa Kopitiam or OldTown. I likey....

Fishes in the pond.

Ordering system is by form and pencil just like Old Town and Pappa which I'm totally fine with. We took our own sweet time in browsing through the menu. I just feel uncomfortable if the waiter/waitress stand beside you, looking and hovering at you when taking order. It's like rushing you through and sometimes I dont even know what is the thing I have ordered.

This is mine. Padi House Chicken Shop Rice @ RM9.90
It was nicely presented and taste good too. Grilled chicken chop with special sauce, rice, sunny side up, 2 spring rolls, coleslaw and a few slices of cucumber and tomato.

Pic source here
I didnt manage to take a decent picture on the food. I'm using Iphone photography apps again and nothing turn out decent. I just compile all the foods we had in one picture.

Caleb had a few mouthful of tom yum fried rice (hardly detect any tom yum in it) mixed with white rice just to tone down the flavourful taste from the fried rice. Hahaha......pity baby but no choice, I worried that he'd reject my home cooked food next time.

After meal, my mil bring him to see fishes again.....

and later we ordered a dessert cake to share...

Just me and mil eating this. Jk said cheesecake 'busuk' (smelly) wor.... *shook head*

Overall, Padi House served good food and nice, cosy environment.

Padi House @ Sri Petaling
29, Jalan Radin Bagus,
57000 Sri Petaling,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603-8318 9368 / 017-337 9987 (Outlet Manager: CY Kuok)


Sasha Tan said...

hey look like its a nice place to go makan. Thanks for sharing.

Wabbitfoot said...

Hi Sasha,
yes, its a very very nice place to go makan. cosy environment, good food and mmm, nice fishy-fishy :)

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