Friday, October 21, 2011

American Breakfast Pancakes (with mashed bananas)

I made banana pancakes  few days ago for lunch. Caleb's lunch. We are westerner, of course we eat westerner food like bread, mashed potato, mushroom soup for our meal. Unlike the father...lolz, always asked for rice, rice and more rice. Haha....

I found this recipe in the internet but I forgot from which source. A very good recipe because the pancake outcome were awesome. Soft and fluffy.

American Breakfast (or lunch for lazy mommy :)) Pancakes
225g plain flour
1 tbsp baking powder
pinch of salf
1 teaspoon sugar
2 large eggs, beaten
30g butter melted and cooled (I used sunflower oil)
300ml milk
3-4 bananas, mashed (medium size, I use 'mai chiew'... I dunno who to describe or what it called, go figure :))
butter for frying

Mix everything in a bowl except the butter for frying. For smoother batter, sieve it.
Scoop one tablespoon of batter to fry in a pan. (My pan can only fit 4 pieces at one time)

What took mami so long in making those pancakes? I'm hungry already ler -_-

Sliced some extra banana to go with it. Oh, and drizzle some honey too... Naise..very naise...

Caleba already climbed up on chair while I'm taking pictures. "Baby...wait...."

Oh and one more thing, do not, I repeat do not press the pancake after you have flipped it. It will cause the pancake become dense and hard. Just flipped it and let it cook slowly on low fire.


Sasha Tan said...

looks yummilicious!

Wabbitfoot said...

Indeed :)
You can try it for Jayden's and Justin's lunch too.

mommy to chumsy said...

Hey there, thanks for dropping by my blog. Your little one is adorable :) Pancakes look delish :)

Wabbitfoot said...

Thanks.... :)

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