Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the day @ Megakidz Midvalley

It's been raining cats and dogs almost every evening and Caleb didnt have the chance to go out and play. Thus he stick to me like a leech most of the time. Except if I let him watch Baby TV Astro channel. But then I dont want him to become couch potato (like the father) and it is not good for the eyes also la...
Rain, rain go away!
Come again another day.
Little Caleb wants to play.
Rain rain go away!
So, we bring him to a indoor playground. 
Aviation Play System
Largest U.S. interactive Aviation Play System in Asia, with the latest state-of-art design in a safe environment.
A BIG GIANT INDOOR PLAYGROUND...... @ Megakidz Midvalley 
Toddler Corner
Specially designed small scale Play System for toddlers
WAWWW....... (Caleb's first expression) :D

Spread across an area of 27,000sq.ft, Mega Kidz Club offers unrivalled facilities and services, cater for children aged 1 to 16 with wide ranging educational and development programmes in a totally safe and professionally managed environment.

After Caleb stunned for about a minute, he began to explore. First up, toddler corner.
Sliding down "Weeeeeeee!!"

Air Bouncer
Kids' favourite huge air beach castle for endless fun!
We lured Caleb to play on the air bouncer. It was fun, but he didn't like it. He went down after playing for 30 seconds.

Caleb's most favourite slide. When he was up there, he'd request to go down either yellow or blue or orange.

First when we saw the huge slide, me and Caleb was 'wahhhh' ing..... Macam kambing masuk kampung - Lolz

But before we could go up the slide, first we need to get up. But how? There were no stairs leading up.
One supervisor on duty saw us 'sap ha sap ha' (blur-blur) and she said "ma'am, you can go up with your kid". Then I said "Ok, but where can I go up?" She said "You can go up anywhere" ... and me was like "Hah?!"

She was right.
Picture source here
Yea, start climbing from down there and it's all connected. You can start climbing up from right and you can end up to the left. "Every road connect to Rome" - hahaha....I'm sure you know what I mean. :))
 Our nightmare begin....

Stop and say 'cheese...' 

....and continue.

Go, go, go....

up and down....

Aiii...mami tired, rest awhile first.

Say 'hiiii...'

Caleb in helicopter

Cannot take off the socks one lar, baby... (Yes, wearing socks is a must due to hygienic reason)

Off we gooooo...!!

Ok, mami need to rest now because bones are crackling already. Crak crak crak...

Dadi's turn.
"Weeeee...." with dadi

They even have a cinema inside. Wowww....but only for kids, adult not allowed. :( 
Box office movies played on big screen with seating for up to 50 children!
Tired and hungry? No problem, there is a cafeteria inside too. Order a cuppa and have a snack while waiting for your kids battery's went kaput. 
Perfect place for the whole family with food and beverage servings.
After we spent more 2 hours in there, we were drop, dead, tired. I got bruises on both of my elbow. Dadi was getting "pek chek" on the way back because of bad jam in Federal Highway. Hahaha....

Superbaby K.O-ed at the back. Actually we bought a cup of McDonald sundaes for him, just to lure him out. He was so tired that he fall asleep while eating ice cream. Haha.... Really K.O-ed

The mami K.O-ed also.........

When is next time? :)

Info here:

Unlimited Playtime Play as long as you want with dad and mum...

Entrance Fees
- 2 to 16 year old
- RM22.00 (Weekdays : Monday - Friday)
- RM28.00 (Saturdays, Sundays, Public & School Holidays)

- Below 2 year old
- RM11.00 (Weekdays : Monday - Friday)
- RM14.00 (Saturdays, Sundays, Public & School Holidays)

Members: Free
Parents / Guardians: * Free entry for the first two adults (compulsory stay-in).

3rd adult and onwards: RM3.00

For alternative please refer to counter.
** All children must be accompanied by adult guardians during their stay in MegaKidz premises.
** Socks are required in the play area for both children and adults.


Merryn said...

nice outing! good bonding between mami, daddy n caleb :)

Wabbitfoot said...

Hi Merryn,
Yes, it was a great outing but after that all my bones were broken in pieces ... haha

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