Sunday, October 2, 2011

Avocado Pound Cake

Remember my last post about alligator pear that I've bought? Alligator pear? Avocado laaa.... When you learn something new, you have to utilise it mah, right? haha....

Anyway, since I've use only 1 avocado to make smoothies for Caleb, I still have 2 more sitting in the fridge. Asked my MIL if she, by any chance like to eat it, she said she dont eat. The taste very weird and she dont like it. too :)

Getting worried that it might get rotten day by day sitting in the fridge and wasted my hard earn money (not cheap considering RM3.33 for one avocado -__-), I began to search for other alternative to deal with them. Suddenly I remember my cousin did a pound cake using Avocado before and I clicked on her blogsite. Saw it, copy the recipe and start working.

My cousin's avocado cake, nice right?

So, I began to prep all my ingredients.
Cracked 4 eggs in a bowl.

I post this up just because I thought the yellow egg yolk looks really beautiful with my blue color bowl :)

Blend in 2 avocados with 100ml milk. This is Philips Avent Blender which my SIL helped me to buy in Singapore. Cheap....very cheap. Only SGD44, way much cheaper than what they are selling here in Malaysia. the creamy smooth texture here.....

Ok now, start beating butter and sugar with electronic mixer.

Add in eggs and beat again until well mixed. Pour in the blended avocado with milk, stir well. Finally add in flour batch by batch and mix well. By this time, no more using electronic mixer. I mixed by hand using spatula and it's getting harder and harder to mix at the end. Imagine 400g of flour into the batter.......Arggg...
Finally, pour into baking pan and into the oven at 150C for 1h.

And taaa-daaaa....Avocado pound cake.

After cool it on rack for about 30 minutes, remove from pan.

Slice it into 2 portion.... Reveal the cross-section

Slice it up... The buttery aroma filled the air. Mmmm.....yum yum

Had a bite. Wahhh.......really nice. Buttery, soft but didnt detect any avocado's smell and taste. Haha....mission accomplish because the main idea is the get rid of avocado taste. ^.v

Here my little rascal making funny face, asking for cake, cake, cake.....
How he know got cake? Because he keep on bugging me in the kitchen until I said "Caleb, go outside. Mami is making cake for you. You want?"

He nodded "uh uh.."

"You want then go outside. If not, no cake cake for you. Go, go, go...Dont kacau mami"

And he zoomed out in second. Haha...thank god my son is 'tham jiak' - (loves to eat)
Please? Please?
I do my puppy eyes. I know you will fall into my trap. Ngek ngek...
Ohhh...I know you love me ^.^
And I won the battle... :)
Here's the recipe, if you want to try it out.

•Flesh of 2 Avocados
•100ml milk

•250g butter, softened
•300g sugar ( I use onli 200g - just the right sweetness)
•1/2tsp vanilla extra
•4 eggs
•400g cake flour
•80g Polenta (corn flour)
•1tsp baking powder
•1tsp baking soda
•1/2tsp salt

Happy trying......


Adino said...

Looks good! Actually look better than your cousin's version because yours look more moist.

Stumbled across your blog because we just had our own baby Caleb! :)

Wabbitfoot said...

Hi Adino, nice to meet you :)

Thank you for the compliment! Yes, the cake was really moist and soft.
Congratulation on ur baby boy. Caleb indeed is a special name :)

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