Saturday, October 8, 2011

Portuguese Grill @ Midvalley

I was running some errand the other day in Bangsar and ended up in Midvalley for lunch, alone.... without the father and the son and truth to be told, I was rather enjoying being alone, 'me' time :)

So, I ended up in Oasis Foodcourt at level 2. I didnt know it have been relocated from previous location. The new location is much more cleaner and brighter. The chairs and tables are cleaner more that sticky icky feeling when you sat on it.
First thing came to my mind, "Where is my Portuguese Grill Stall?" looking left and right. The next moment, I saw it right at the corner. *wide grin* :) and nobody is queuing *wider grin* :))
You wouldn't believe how insane the queue always been and one have mustered enough patience to join the queue. Luckily I was early, after I made my order, a bunch of people started queuing up for order. Pheww...

I waited for around 10 minutes and 'dingggg''s ready to serve.

It's cheap considering RM7.90 come with a plate of rice. The rice is just toning down the spiciness.
The gravy was very spicy with tongue-burning effect. But once you eat it, you really can't stop. Highly highly ADDICTIVE!
My order - grill stingray with squid and ladies finger.

Thumb thumb up! Wonder when the next time I can eat it again....

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