Friday, December 24, 2010

Crab @ Tak Fok Seafood Restaurant

Tak Fok Seafood Restaurant are well known for its cheap and delicious crab. Too bad we didnt order any of their signature crabbiesss. Reason being? Caleb is the biggest culprit! Haiz...

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 We ordered a few dishes and all of them tasted very very GOOD. 
Chicken with marmite sauce.
Chicken strips was crispy but slightly tough and chewy. Luckily, with marmite sauce, it complemented the whole dish. 

Fried four season bean with salt and pepper on menu

We saw this table-stand-with pictures menu on our table. Yes, at here, this is only the so-called menu. As i flipped through it, this picture catches my attention. One jiu-yim four season bean please!

It turned out to be bland and tasteless. But it was crunchy, the batter was light and crispy. Edible but definitely no next time. :)

 Fried tofu with preserved salted vege
I always try to order at least 1 type of tofu or egg dish whenever we dine out so that Caleb wont feel left out. He can still nibble abit in it with a few grains of rice and that should keep him occupied until the end of our meal. *wink wink*

Caleb's plate: rice and tofu

Curry prawn  in coconut shell
This is the best dish in our whole meal. The gravy was fragrant, slightly spicy and goes very well with rice. The prawns were BIG! and FRESH!! and CRUNCHY!!! No wonder every patrons have this on their table. Next time if you don't know what dishes their shop good at, just look around. 

Caleb busy eating

We will definitely go there again. Mostly probably for their Curry Prawn....yes, we found another eatery place in Bandar Puteri.

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