Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oink Oink meal on Christmas Eve

"I want to have a big feast!"

That's what I told jk on Christmas Eve morning on the way going to have breakfast.

"So, what you want to eat tonight?"

"Dunno but something like gwai lo are having la... I want to be guai po tonight" hahaha...

At first I decide to try out Mr Ho's Bistro for their famous pork knuckle but lastly we settled for The Pork Place at IOI Boulevard instead. We've been talking about trying it out someday but that 'someday' is still remain 'someday' :)

Oh..cute lil fler there...

Upon seated, we presented the menu of the day. ala carte menu on Christmas Eve. All comes in set of Soup+Entree+Main Course+dessert for RM90++ per pax or RM79++ for pasta dish.

We ordered 2 set as jk is CINA-AH-PEK (hah!) and he dont fancy gwai lo thingy. He dont like the soup, the dont like the entree and dessert. He just want to try the main dish, Crispy Knuckle and Stuffed Shoulder Loin.

The soup

Frankly speaking, I dont know what soup it was. It have a pungent milky taste which I thought was too overwhelming. So, I just quickly glupped this down. Haha...

I didnt take the entree dish's picture. Too busy attending Caleb.

It was round piece of croissant with a hole in middle which stuffed with scallop slices and green peas covered with cream sauce. Taste wise just so so, plain and tasteless. That's why I gave Caleb had a few small pieces of scallop :)

Stuffed Shoulder Loin with baby french beans (I didnt see this on my plate), mashed potato and light cranberry wine sauce.

Crispy Knuckle served with brussel sprout, mashed potato and mushroom sauce.

I like the crispy outer layer of the knuckle and the meat itself was tender and juicy. Shoulder loin was quite plain and tasteless. Taste better when dipped it in their cranberry sauce thou. I didnt realise that they didnt give us the baby french bean and subsitute with broccoli instead. Mmmm......

 Cheese cake, Strawberry sauce and ice cream for dessert.

For dessert, normal cheese cake but the texture was soft and and fine. Melt in your mouth every spoonful. Good stuff. Strawberry sauce was normal. Something like Mcdonald's Strawberry Sundae and ice cream was just vanilla ice cream.

 Wood logs deco. Woody Woodpecker will like this a lot! Haha..

Overall, the meal was ok but for RM90++ per pax is still pricey. No other choice of foods which I wanted to try out since as their Pork Sausage Platter, Homemade Meatball Spaghetti, Bacon and Chesse Burger, Grill Prok Belly Pasta....Wow....

I really need to go there again one day. 'Someday' ....haha

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