Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My New Wardrobe

After living in my house for almost 2 and half years, finally........

Finally we have a wardrobe. A new wardrobe from IKEA.

We love Ikea so much. Not because of the quality, not because of the price (well, maybe a lil bit), not because of its long lasting but mainly because of their designs.

There are endless idea from Ikea's designer team. I just love their add on little thingy. It is so simple, stylish yet very useful for small constraint place like us.

Nola, I wont show what's inside....havent really organise yet.

Or, mayb I just show abit :)

We have no idea that it will turned out like this. No experience, first time.

Going for 2nd trip to Ikea to buy all those interior fitting accessories. Yea...can go kai kai again :D

Notice anything there? Haha....Caleb in his 'sport car'. He always want to stick with me like a leech. Every where I go, he will sure follow.

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