Monday, April 12, 2010

Caleb hair cut day

My baby's hair is curly. Yes, curly like maggi mee. Jk said that I ate too much maggi mee when I was pregnant last time. And that is why Caleb's hair is so curly.

Caleb had his first hair cut when he was 2 months old. Now he is almost 9 months old and we decided to give him a 'nice' hair cut.

This is how he looks like before his hair cut. See? like one crazy/messy kid out there. And by the way, do you know curly hair trap alot of rubbish?

And finally, hair cut day:

The sifu barber is me :) I just applied my experience in cutting my rabbits hair/fur to cut Caleb's hair. Hahaha... Rabbits cannot stay still when I cut their hair and so is Caleb. This monster swing his head up and down because he never see  a scissor before. And why I keep flaunting the foreign thing behind him all the time makes him so curious.

"mmm...this black thing keep on falling above me. I wonder what is it?"

And taa-daaaa....the clean and happy baby (well I'm assume he is happy :D hohoho)

So, any comment? Am I leng chai? :)

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