Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Amazing Cloth Diaper

This post is dedicated for moms...

The world of cloth diapering has changed alot since the days of using the classic-fabric-cotton-square cloth that required safety pins or making a simply knot. You know, just when our mother or grandmother time. Changing the lampin once it get wet and washing it like there was no tomorrow.

Today modern cloth diaper is a hybrid between disposable diaper and cotton-square cloth.

That amazing thing is called Cloth Diaper. I'm using Coolababy brand and it awesome. This is the most affordable range of Cloth Diaper and I got mine from mykimstore. (*wink)

She is a very nice lady, helping me in making the right choice :)

Anyway, this cloth diaper work just like any diaposable diapers holding pee for 3-4 hours and the best part is that it can be washed over and over again like cotton-fabric cloth.

It consists of one outer part that is made from PUL, breathable and waterproof thus it wont wet the bed, and innner layer that made from mircofleece fabric that keep baby feeling dry. It's easy to wash (since poo doesnt stick to it and using shower head to rinse it off and flush down in toilet bowl, that's it) and it dry pretty fast under the sun or fan. Even faster if you wash it in washing machine.

This cloth diaper come with a pocket. Generally there is a hole or pocket which separate the inner and outer layer, forming an opening for the absorbent material to be inserted.
The absorbent material that is inserted is what absorbs the pee and it can be remove for cleaning. The absorbent material usually made from mircofabric that has the ability to asborp moisture 10 times off his weight.

Stuffing the insert inside pocketThere are 3 settings to choose from small, medium and large. See all those snaps?

Choose from small, (like what Caleb is now wearing)

to medium,
and large (when you baby grow bigger and fatter)

Finally snap on the waist and you're done...
It can last for 3-4hours (sometimes 5) or until Caleb had wetted the bed... darn!

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