Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What we did in Bentong last holiday

Last school holiday, we went back to my parent's house and stayed there until school reopen. I forgot to let the teachers know that Caleb won't be going for daycare because apparently they still have daycare during the whole stretch of school holiday. Received an SMS from the school principal saying all of them missed Caleb so much. Haha...of cox, the 'haywire guy' aka 'holland guy' wasn't there creating a mess!


This is what we did.

My cousin's family came and stayed for a few days.  Brought my cousin sister around for Bentong food and she likes it very much and every year like a routine, these are on her to-eat-list.

Bentong Wan Tan Meen. This wan tan meen should bring shame to all wan tan meen in Klang Valley. The noodles are springy with no alkaline whatsoever. Dark soya sauce is super fragrant and super nice and the char siew.....mmm....I love the char siew nonetheless. But for some people who like caramelize char siew would find this like a tree bark but still, I like it. Hee hee....talking about weirdo. And oh ya, if you want to find the best wan tan meen in Bentong, forget about Hoi Kee. They are over-rated, crowded to the max and be prepared to wait for 30 minutes before you could got on hold of a table and seats and another 1h for a bowl/plate of wan tan meen. Spare me, pluhlizzzz.... 

Wan tan meen @ RM3.80

Another must have. Pan meen or 'mein fun cha kuo' as what the local called it. The anchovies soup was delicious with firm texture noodles. Definitely is a must-have....oh, did I just repeat that? Heh heh....

I tried to order this every time I came back to hometown and I always too full to eat it. This is roti bakar but the local called it 'siew suet yau'. Siew of course means 'bakar' or toasted and suet yau means butter. So, it's basically is kaya and butter toasted bread.

What's so special about it anyway? Mmmm.......nothing special. But I like it very much :) The kaya is fragrant and the butter is melting on the way to your mouth. Blocks and blocks of butter melting simultaneously.

In the afternoon, we went to OldTown White Coffee. Nothing particular. Just chit-chatting with my cousin sister while Caleb was on the Iphone and Caven 'koala bear'-ing on me in baby carrier. Oh, I super love my Boba 3G carrier now. I don't think I can live without it. My life saver..... Works very well if you have a leechy baby like me.

Every trip to Bentong will only be completed when my cousin sister get to taste the old favourite nasi lemak and spicy chicken chop. One thing about the nasi lemak is it comes with a very very spicy sambal and alot of onions. I always love onions in my sambal. Soft, tender and fragrant chicken curry and sambal sotong. Topped up with a nice hat, in this case is half cooked egg. Believe me if I said I can't find something like this in Klang Valley nor in Penang. SJ, agree? >.<

Somehow, I need my nasi lemak fix....NOW!

Next up, my childhood favourite. A very simple, nothing fancy, old school chicken chop with french fries, fried egg with chilli sauce. I'd trade this for myBurgerlab anytime. I love this for as long as I can remember, over 20 years ago, perhaps? My cousin sister love it too, being hooked on it ever since I introduced to her.

If you happen to visit Bentong and wonder what in this small town could offer? Drop me a mail and I try to 'korek-korek' the address or maybe direct you to there, ok?

After my aunt and family went back, I got another 1 week to stay at my parent's house. Reason being: still holiday ma..... So, I brought Caleb for his hair cut. Oh yes, no more messy fringe and curly maggi mee. So leng chai.

On one of the day, I just left the little leech at home, asked my mom to look after him and I took Caleb for some cakes at Secret Recipe. We get to talk a little, eat cakes and of course play games together with my phone. Just a simple activities makes him a very happy man.

Since we got a lot of free time at home and gadzillion darn flying mozzie around in the living room, most of the time we spend a lot of playing, jumping, shrieking, hugging and making funny faces in room. Aaaahhh.....a bliss.

And that what we did last holiday in Bentong. The next school holiday should be in December, I pressume? :)


mun said...

Your post makes me want to visit Bentong. Never been there before.

Lovely photo of the two brothers together. I guess you must be waiting for the holidays to go back to Bentong again.

Sue Ann said...

Oh yes...I'm waiting for the next coming holiday again. Hahaha...let me know if you happen to come Bentong :)

fiona said...

Hi, I am going to Bentong in June. Can I have the address of the gd food?
Thank you very much.

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