Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When he knows he's in trouble....

Just when I was about to put Caleb for a nap just now, as usual, he was jumping up and down on the bed. Despite on numerous time I told him not to jump, he still....sigh.... I think he must be trying to deflate his battery once and for all before recharging again.

So this guy was jumping up and down and me sitting on the bed telling him not to. Without any warning, his head smack me hard on my face. Aiyooooo.......Immediately I was cupping my head and wailed in pain. Caleb looked at me and smile. Chis...can smile somemore.

I was still cupping my head (where it hurts) and I said "Pain-pain, pain-pain, mami pain-pain" and put on a 'sad and very cham face'. He, still lying on the bed, said "I love you mi-mi, I am sorry".... heart melted straight away....

Then I said "Come and kiss-kiss mami...." and he came. Muaks! Muaks!..... 2 times.

*Lum until die*

And then he pat me on the head slowly and said "sayang-sayang"

*Lum until die 2nd time*

When he knows he's in trouble............


Jolyn Lau said...

Pandai Caleb.. hehehe... :)

eugene said...

hahahah,Caleb must have known a thing or two to melt a woman's heart.

You know it is so nice to read this post of yours,bringing so much"muack muak " feeling,, do spend a lot of time with Caleb,cos it is really very very the fast,how they outgrown us,,,no joke one,, very very the fast,,

take care now ya

Wabbitfoot said...

Hi Jolyn,
Long time you didnt read my blog de...haha..or long time u didnt leave comment on my blog :) Welcome back!
Yes, very pandai and 'ku wak'...haha

Hi Eugene,
Thanks thanks...ya, he sure do know how to melts heart. No wonder all his grandparents "sayang until fall"
Yes, I know...they relly grew up very very fast, that's why 'm jotting down, to prevent me having a memory-lost :)

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