Monday, November 5, 2012

My own version of healthy pizza bread

Once in awhile, when i don't have any idea what to cook for lunch, I'd make sandwich for Caleb. Luckily this guy is not a picky eater. He basically walloped anything, yupe, like DBKL.

So, this is what he had for lunch. My own version of pizza bread. Weird right? No sausage. Well, I don't really allow him to eat hot dog/sausage at his young age due to preservatives. artificial flavor, artificial coloring, artificial meat component (well, who knows right?) and dunno what else they put it in there.

I just spread a lil bit of ketchup as the base, lettuce, steamed broccoli, tofu (hahaha) and shredded scrambled egg. Finally topped with a slice of cheddar cheese and into the oven they went.

Yes, it is weird pizza. But who cares, as long as my 'boss' didn't complained and whacked almost all of them.

Hahaha.....I'm so blessed to have a kid who doesn't picky on food.

Mmmmm......not yet I pressumed. (**praying hard**)

1 comment:

Cynful Pleasure said...

I like this way of making a quickie too! hehehe... sometimes really lazy and this is a good idea!

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