Thursday, October 7, 2010's signing time!!

Every morning, after Caleb drink his milk milk and did his poo poo, it will be his signing time (so that I can brush my teeth, shit my shit and eat my breakfast :))

This video is very good and it was recommended by my sis-in-law who live in SG. We saw how her first daughter picking up all the signing language when she was barely 18mths old. That time, she knew how to sign hungry, cheese, cracker, banana, help, cold, hot and so on.

Me and jk were awe at her.

So, it proven to be useful as they can let you know what they want instead of just crying and throw tantrum.
Ohh..I just hate that. Every time when Caleb throw tantrum, I will take a deep breath or just walk away. Sometimes it works and sometimes oh well, didnt.

This is what they said about it:
Infants can communicate before they can talk with baby sign language. You no longer need to guess what your baby is trying to tell you. She can let you know she wants milk using sign language, instead of crying. Babies can sign; before most babies talk they wave bye-bye and blow kisses. Baby signing is a natural extension of these gestures. Hearing babies benefit from baby sign language because it supports early brain development and builds pre-literacy skills. Studies show that infants who learn sign language score 8-12 points higher than their non-signing peers, when tested after second grade. Sign language for babies and toddlers helps them develop speech sooner. Infant sign language does not discourage speech; it actually encourages speech because signs are reinforced with the sound of the words, repetition and music.

Caleb have been watching this video for almost 3 months now. He can sign hungry, banana, apple, candy, ice cream, cookies, cheese but depending on his mood. If his mood is good, he can give you a flying kiss as well. ^^

This is Caleb shaking his si fat aka bum bum inside his baby cot at the end of the video. He is dancing  following the beat somemore...haha

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