Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Dog leh?"

Hahaha....I need to blog about this before I completely forget all about it.

We went for a late dinner last night at one of the tai chow restaurant near my house. So, as usual after jk finished eating, he carried Caleb away outside see trees, aeroplane, birds ... so that I can continue to have my meal in peace. Suddenly jk came to me and said "Eh, your son can talk already. Just now he said 'dog' 4 times". My eyesballs nearly dropped off.... haha

Actually there were a few dogs laying around the walkway. So, jk pointed at them and said, "dog" a few times. Then Caleb also followed his dadi pointing and said, "dog", "dog", "dog"...

We left the restaurant and on the way walking to our car, I asked Caleb again, "Caleb, dog leh?". He turned his head towards the walkway and his eyes was searching for the dogs. Then he pointed at those dogs. Wahhh....banyak pandai ohhh ini  budak. Hahaha

At night, before we tucked him in for sleep, I asked him again "Caleb, where's dog?". He pointed to jk and said, "Dog". LMAO....kakakaka....

Now he point everywhere and say dog, dog, dog... *pengsan*

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