Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dinner @ Bumbu Bali

I always love balinese food particularly one shop near my house which served extremely nice balinese food.

The shop name is Bumbu Bali.

Each table there is a light deco with a few jasmine flowers. Well, I think it's a jasmine thou..

Ma Ma was entertaining superbaby before our food is served. Reason being we are trying to extend superbaby's time before he hits the 'oh i'm boring, maybe should try to stand up on my babychair' button. So, after our food is here, then only we will put him in his baby chair and we ate as quickly as possible. Normally my mil will ambil no. satu to finish. Hahaha...

She will then carry superbaby around or entertain him while in his baby chair. Before you know it, superbaby reached the 'I dont want anything else and just want to go home' button. Haaaiii.....I dont even know what the food taste like already.

We ordered cumi cumi goreng (means deep fried calamari) to be shared among us.

My grilled dory fish set with fries and salad. Niceeee.... love fish now, dunno why.

This is how my salad arrangement looks like.

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