Saturday, May 1, 2010

Things I'd love to do if....

I have one day off........

Free from my pacat for a day.....

I would go for:

  • Manicure and Pedicure:
It been ages since I had my last pedicure and manicure session. The last manicure was about 2 years ago. That's when a day before my wedding dinner in hometown. Well, at that time I didnt thought much about having manicure because I'm so busy in making my own wedding hand bouquet and boutonniere. But my friend insist. Saying that it would look ugly when pictures focusing on my hand when receiving ang pows during 'yum cha' session. Then I thought oh really ka? Okla, I'll go for my manicure then.

So after I had my lunch at 12pm, I went and did my manicure together with my cousin. Half way, she want to have one too :)
It was very hectic as my make up artist coming at 2pm and my wedding dinner suppose to be at 6pm.

My handmade Calla Lily bouquet was a failure. Ish ish ish...because all those damn flowers did not bloom!! Kanasai :(

But at least my boutonniere look nice.


That night I spent like 4-5hours in preparing all those boutonnieres as I need to make around 10 or 12 set. But in the end, only guys (my father, my brother, my FIL, JK, my BIL) wear it. All the ladies (ahemm) didnt wear at all because they worried that the pin might damage the nice dresses that they wearing. Half of it were thrown away the next day together with my effort, all the flowers and plants that have sacrificed. All flushed into the drain. Yupe, I remembered it until today... why? my effort leh. Anyway, back to my topic :)

My last manicure. Done at my hometown before wedding dinner.
Not very nice hor? Well, considered I done this last minutes in my small hometown, okla....No complain.

I still think my manicure done in Colour Culture is nicer. Done this a few days before my pre-wedding shoot.
  • Bake
I miss baking....

 Apple Cake

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last time when Caleb still inside my tummy, I refer him as 'cookie monster'. Because the urge of eating sweet stuffs was so strong. So whenever the cookie monster strike, I'd bake Chocolate Chips Cookies, Apple Cake, Butter Cake, Oatmeal Cookie....

Now my oven full with spider webs...

  • Spa & Massage
I badly need one.

Other than Thailand and Bali, I've never experience spa and massage in kl before. What I'm getting here, I can get half the price there with much more in between. 

I want one! 
I want one! 
I want one!

  • Beauty Sleep
Sleep as much as I want. Sleep anytime that I want. Sleep until what time I want.

Gone were the days when I slept at 3am and got up at 12pm :)
Gone were the days when I watched TVB drama for the whole day.
Gone were the days when I did my beading projects.


All gone...

Gone case......

But with this smile and this face....

All can wait :)


Sasha said...

i also wonder when i will get my manicure pedicure, facial, massage and shop in peace without anyone asking me "mami are you DONE yet?". Well .. we just gotto wait until our pacats is older.

Wabbitfoot said...

Haha....yea...agree agree with you 101%

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