Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the day @ Ikano

We went to Ikano last week. Firstly is mainly because I need to get Caleb's cereal. Huh? Need to go to IKANO just to get it meh? Hehe...yes, because I can't find Healthy Times else where. Not in Jusco or Gaint hypermarket.

And the second is I just need a break. With me handling Caleb and housework pilling up, it nice just to go out have some dinner and take some fresh air.
Interact with someone else other than Caleb and Jk, and that's including cashier at the counter.Heh!!

By the time we reached there, it was almost 8pm and we were hungry like hell.

So, before we reach, jk already asked me the all time favourite question: "What's for dinner?"

The answer is.....

The Apartment

I always wanted to go in and sit on their chair because there were all so cute. White white just like out primary school's table and chair. Well, of cox I wanted to taste the food too. (jk will shoo me of I said I just wanted to sit on their chairs..haha)
I ordered lamb rack. Well, this is the delicious lamb rack I've ever tasted. The smell of the herbs infuse in the lamb are so heaveeeenly. The tomatoes taste soooo good.
I didnt take the photo there because I'm so hungry. They took 30min in serving their food. And my boss starting to get real cranky there. So, I've to serve my boss piece by piece of his teething biscuit.

This is the only one photo that I manage to take. Grumpy huh?

Jk ordered the usual 'play safe' stuff. Bolognese Spagetti. Nothing to share about. Taking photo also waste my time. Hahaha...

We quickly throw our food inside our mouth (haha..pathetic huh, it suppose to be our candle light dinner in a very beautiful environment, soft music...but the only music we hear is Caleb's voice and his stunt almost begin) while entertaining Caleb. I share some potatoes with him in hopen that he will shut up and eat in peace like for 2 seconds..? Haha...anyway....

The total bill comes to RM94.05
Our throw-everything-inside food really not cheap. flak!

We still need to rush to Cold Storage to buy things. By we reach there, it was already 9:30pm. Quickly went over the baby aisle and look through the products. Paid all the stuffs at the counter before they slide down the door and went to my supplier house to get my stock from her. She is staying nearby.

By the time we reached her house, Caleb was getting very very cranky. Maybe because he was tired and sleepy. I quickly went down while Caleb and Jk stayed in the car. After about 10 mins, I went back inside the car. Caleb already crying non stop. Jk said the moment I've stepped out from the car, Caleb already crying on top of his lungs. Maybe I didnt say bye bye to him...nah...I think that will only make the situation worse.

So when he saw me, he stopped crying and jk fainted. Hahaha...

In the car after comforting him, I played around with him. Amazingly he started to cuckle. Hahaha...jk fainted the second time. Jk said that time when I was out from the car, no matter what he did, Caleb just wont stop. Singing, talking, playing...all in vain....

Mami ma...well, this mami's hope to Bali going down the drain now....booooo :(

This is what I've bought in Cold Storage for Caleb.
And these are my breakfast when I'm damn hungry in the morning and Jk still sleeping sweetly in bed. flak!

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