Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Psst..psst...dadi dadi...

Dadi dadi, guess what mami did today?

She cut my hair again.....sigh.... :)

She said my curly hair very curly (of cox lar, curly hair not curly ma not call curly hair anymore lor, right?) and since it getting longer, it become more curlier and trap a lot of sampah.

Anyway, she put me on high chair despite of my objection and begin to snip snip snip away.

My hair.....all my precious hair fall down :( I'm so sad. Why? Because I waited my hair to grow longer so that I can takle more girls. Where got girls want botak boy one? But now..... all inside this container already.

I know I know, just a little bit only right? Why cry like a baby? (Wait, I'm a baby what!) Not like I completely botak also. But I got so little hair only!

Anyway, at least mami didnt cut my hair in front. Just my maggi mee curly hair at the back.

But nevermind la, I think mami did a good job. She tried to cut as nice as possible already.
At least I dont look SILLY...

*mami's evil grin behind. I cannot say anything bad. Later she dont feed me ikan porridge and pheng pheng (biscuit) then how? Shhh...ok?


Samm said...

Thanks for dropping my my blog. And also, your boy's eyes are so big. He's gonna charm those gals crazy next time , lol

Wabbitfoot said...

Haha...thanks samm. Actually I've been following your blog since 3 years ago..

Yea, my auntie used to say that his eyes so big like longan seed :D

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