Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just slept...

Magnificent super baby just conked out after he woke up from his morning nap at 12:30pm.

His afternoon suppose to be around 2pm or 3pm but he just dont want to sleep. Arrrggghhhh.....

I put him on bed at 2:30pm just now and he just merry go round and round and round on the bed. I also sleep while watching over him. Geng to sleep and watching him at the same time. Hahaha....this kung fu all mommy have mastered la, I think.

If he dont sleep,

I cannot eat in peace. (he will come near me whenever I'm eating something and he will give you that 'cat face'. Remember Shrek 2?. Yupe that kitty face)

I cannot shit in piece peace. (I'll put him inside his cot whenever I want to pee and shit. But he'll yell yell yell, until I give up shitting)

I cannot watch tv in peace. (Somehow he'll climb up the chair and to the sofa then crawl to the dustbin, crawl to tv cabinet...*crazy mami screaming "no Caleb, No...CALEB NOOOOO!!!!!!!"*

I cannot blog in peace. (he will come and lick my leg *smack my head*)

Everything so peacefully when he's sleeping.

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