Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Caleb sleeping bag

Who havent heard of baby sleeping bag before?

Well, dont feel bad. Right before I was pregnant, I didnt know a thing regarding to baby's stuff. Most popular brand in my mind that time are MNG, ZARA, Esprit and....... and......aiks, 3 only I remember now. Gosh!! Hahaha....

As now, I'm getting more and more familiar with brands like Munchkin, Avent, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Carlifornia Baby, Naforye, Quinny, Grobag, Carter's...I can go on and on and on :)

Ok, back to the sleeping bag. A baby sleeping bag suppose to let baby sleep in it (duhhh....obvious la) so that he can be safe and warm at the night. Unlike conventional blankets where it will tangle up or baby kicking it off. Worse case, got covered over the face and caused the terrifying SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

We switching on the air conditional almost every night. Thanks to the extremely hot weather in KL. But I think most of the places also facing the same problem. So, normally I will put on a blanket for Caleb. But then he always toss and turn when he sleep. And sometimes his shirt got pulled up and exposed his belly button. I'm worried that he will catch flu and cold afterwards. That's why I'll wake up every now and then just to check on him. See if he kick off his blanket, see if the blanket cover his face, see if the shirt got pulled up or not. Sigh...torturing right?

So, I think about it for quite some time wheather we really should buy a sleeping bag for him. I begin to look around in the net for the cheapest bargain. I even checked out at US and UK ebay. Hoping that it sell cheaper there. But plus all the shipping and taxes, it is not worth it.

The leading sleeping bag for baby is Grobag. Everybody is talking about it. But the price is really flakking expensive. The cheapest one also selling at RM199. Everytime I see this price, I'd just click away.

But then.........

Little Whiz (online baby store which I bought the Fisher Price Gym for Caleb last time) sending me email regarding their sales during Labour Day. So, I went in and checked what they have on sales.

Ha Ha Ha... Grobag was one of the items on sales. Price slashing from RM219 to RM99.90 wor...How to resist!!

I clicked adding to cart first and was thinking to make the payment tomorrow. The next day I went in and checked again. 2 of the 4 designs were already SOLD OUT. scary. I made the payment on the spot and I got it the next 2 days.

Hahaha...really kiasu of me. I bought 18-36m for Caleb. It's too big and too long for him now.

 Cow motif. But I think this suppose for girls lar...the cow is girl wor

But what the heck, he will out grown in a wink of second and before you know it, he will be kicking away the sleeping bag. Let's hope it not coming soon.

RM99.90 leh......

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