Thursday, May 13, 2010

My day, everyday...

Basically my day start when my pacat wakes up at 7am or 7:30am.

At first he start to make a sharp shriek at around 6am. Dunno why, timing very chun one. He will suddenly scream like kena attack or bitten. Many times I kena heart attack thinking of what happen. But after I've bring him to our bed and sleep in the middle with us, he will settle down and sleep back. Me of cox sleep also la. The dadi didnt move an inch also...haha

So, by 7am he will be fully awake. Starting with sitting up right, rub rub the eyes then plonk on the bed again sucking fingers. I'll open my eyes every now and then just to make sure he didnt fall off the bed. Then he will start with his stunt. Climb on top and over me, grab my hair, cubit my face, then turn over to his dadi. Tickle and climb over his dadi's body, crawl here and there, standing while grabbing the wooden headrest then plonk on the bed. Many time it hit directly on my stomach, legs or hand.

Until I totally cannot stand it, I bring him out and put him on the mattress in our living room.

Throw toys at him and ask him to sit diam diam play toys while I go make milk for him. Occasionally I will still watch him from the kitchen.

Drink milk by himself lying down.

He's able to hold his own milk bottle when he was 5 months old. Actually I forcing him to do that. heh heh.. Lazy hold, no milk milk. He will grab it so tight like holding to his dear life. Until he finished also dont want to let go. But now, after finished he take it out from his mouth, see see then put back, suck suck suck, pulled out again, see see..then throw away the bottle. Hahaha.....

Let him play for awhile then put him in front of tv watching his favourite video. Something call My Baby Can Read. My sis in law gave me that. It's an educational series for babies in letting them get familiarise with words and songs. While he was watching it, I'd go prepare his porridge, brush my teeth, make myself something to eat.

8:30am - Video finished. Making noise, want to get down and play. ( Usually I'll put him on high chair)

Bought this in Ikea. Very good bargain. I think I bought it for RM46 or Rm38. Forgot. But definitely not more than RM50. Easy to clean, simple and nice. :)

10am - Bath him and prepared for nap. If lucky, he fall asleep within 5 mins. If not, can expect 30mins to 45mins. Arrgggghhh!!! Sometimes I need to go to the market to get some fish, vege and fruits for Caleb's meals

11am or 11:30am - Woke up. I'm preparing his porridge.

12pm - Eat porridge.

1pm - Favourite activities start. Crawling here and there. Climbing the chairs and tables. Licking the floor. Stuff toys into his mouth. Looking for remotes. Roll down and knock the head on the floor and cry. Stop crying, continue goes on and on and on..

2pm -  Crawling here and there. Climbing the chairs and tables. Licking the floor. Stuff toys into his mouth. Until I cannot tahan, I bring him to bed. Trying to make him sleep basically.

3pm - Whine whine whine. Dont want to sleep. Ok, bring out to living room again. Make milk. Drink milk.

4pm - Conked out. (FINALLYYYY....) Only then I got time to mop the floor, clean his toys, do the dishes, do the laundry, wash his bottles, online for awhile. Sometimes I also conked out with him.

5:30pm - Woke up from nap. Prepare his cereal meal. Feed him.

6pm - Sometimes go down and walk walk near the swimming pool. If not then stay at home and driving his mami crazy and up the wall. Heard the mami yell; "No Caleb. No no..Caleb..NOOOOOOO!!!!!"

6:30pm or 7pm - The dadi came back. Getting ready for dinner.

9pm - Come back. Clean and changed into pyjamas. Make milk. Drink milk. Bring him inside the room. Let him play on the bed for awhile, switch off the light and it's time for ooii ooii

9:30pm - Caleb sleep.

I'm so tired by the end of the day that sometimes also sleep with him.

That's basically is my day. Day in day out. 7 days a week. 4 weeks a month. 12 months a year...haha..not yet but soon :)

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Sasha Tan said...

ppl think saHms got nuthing to do at home but look at the tight schedule... only moms will understand.

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