Monday, March 9, 2009

Knn monster strike again?

Yea, that damn monster striked again yesterday. This time not a muffin monster, it's a cookie monster. I think it resemble abit like the cookie monster in Sesame Street. You know, with big yellow bird, Mr dracula, Elmo and stuffs like that. It used to be my favourite past time to watch Sesame Street when I was small. Really waiting for the time to turn on the television and with an ice cream in hand.....hahaha...

Anyway, I did Chocolate Chips Cookies yesterday. Well, you might be wondered where the hell I got those recipe from, right? That's easy, with a laptop and internet access, you can even make peking duck yourself at home. Provided you got those duck ready. No 'duck' delivery order on the internet. LOL..

It's real simple. Just creamed butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla essence, chocolate chips (no, I didnt get those from Caca and Footy, so it safe ok?), walnut chips and flour.

This is that you'll get at the end.

Looks so little hor, but I tell you with this size of cookie dough each time the tray goes into the oven, you can expect how long it's gonna take me.

See? Only enough to cater for 12 cookie at the same time. But seeing those cookies rising so nicely inside the oven, makes me so excited!! LOL

After a completing a few rounds, the cookie dough still look the same, as if it left untouched.

Leave it to cool off the rack. Not that I bias or something but it really smell like Amos Famous Cookies....hahaha

All those hard work until my back and my heel cracking and pain like hell....can only produce 2 container like this..... I think I better buy Amos Famous Cookies next time when cookie monster strike....

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