Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bad Mr Baoz

This what I had for lunch yesterday. A free delivering all the way from Pavillion to Bandar Puteri. I got one personal 'ahmad'

Anyway, surprise lunch was delivered in a very pretty plastic bag...mmm...what's inside?

Mr Baoz!! Well, I havent taste this kinda pau before. First, I dont think it is good and second, definitely not worth the price. But since my 'ahmad' tapau for me, I'm happy!

Paus comes in a box!

There were 6 compartment inside and wahhh....really got some presentation!

Noticed 2 missing paus? Yupe, after I ate those 2 only i remember to snap some photos. I had one chicken curry pau and another was cheesy something pau. Taste pretty weird thou!

The one with snowflakes topping, I have no idea what is it. And I'm not going to find out. The smell makes me wanna puke! Ewww...

Yeap, I just stole one red cherry deco on top....just the cherry.... At the end of the day, 4 pieces of paus sitting inside my fridge....until today :)

Sorry babe....really cannot finish lahhh

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