Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 2 @ Chiang Mai

The next morning, we woke up at around 8:30am. Sigh..., stranger's bed, not getting a good night sleep at all. As what they said: Dog's hut is better than the dragon's bed.

I love my 'dog's hut'

After washing up, we went downstair for breakfast.

Oh yea, RM316 for 4D/3N and breakfast is provided. By now, we stopped complaining.

Salads and sausages. This is mine portion, did I told you that I'm lacked of fiber?
See? I mean it!

After breakfast we walked around looking shops renting out motorbike. Yes, we are going to ride motorbike in Chiang Mai.....Yoohoo!!
Program for today is to visit as many temples as we can inside the old city wall of Chiang Mai. First time we were on our own program, with a map in hand and a motorbike, we'll gonna be adventurous.......:D
We spotted this shop. Instinct told us, it's must be a good shop, all motorbikes looks brand new...
Ok, we trusted our instinct.
For 200baht, we can ride for one whole day and we got the chance to ask the taukeh questions on where are the most favourite tourist spots and famous temples. Hehe... I think we got more in return.
Off we go riding on motorbike around Chiang Mai.

No car = no traffic jam
We spotted some stalls selling junks. Something like morning market...mmm..any good bargain?

Jk is (struggling) parking the motorbike. What? Where? :) Oh yes, remember I bought the scarf for 35baht? What purpose leh?

Actually I'll wrap my head with the scarf before wearing the helmet. It grossed me out when I thought of zillions ppl already used that helmet before me, got any fleas or mites or not? Hahaha... I'm a genius hor...
I bought a red-auntie-look sunglasses from one of the stalls. This is to protect my eyes. You know when you are wearing contact lense and ride on motorbike, dusts and wind will irritated the eyes and make it dry? I hate that feeling.
Ok, we are good to go!!
Stop it! I know I'm fat ok?
First stop we went to Wat Chedi Luang (temple of the big stupa)
Wat Chedi Luang was built in 14th century by some King to enshrine the relics of his father. Somehow that King didn't have the chance to finish and he died. Later his wife thought that it will be too wasted to leave it like that, no choice but continue the half way work but....she died too..haiii...sad, really la, I'm not lying.

And finally a King in 15th century managed to finish it up and it become the largest building at that time. The King even made it the home of Emerald Buddha at that time but was moved when the structure collapsed after an earthquake. :(

Recontruction was done in 1990 but it wasn't the same anymore. Despite that we can see buddha image resting inside the 4 side of the chedi guarded by 2 furious looking naga side by side...A novice passing thru and I think he is digging his nose...ewww..

And I saw this. They have this donation for the dogs around for their medication and food. can I just walked away leh..

So I donate 50baht. I know it is small amount, but least the dogs have 50baht of foods if, the money is really for them.. :@In Chiang Mai they have over 200 temples, but they even have over thousand dogs laying around, everywhere. And all of them are so lazy......

They sleep everywhere....
At some lounge,
In front of temples,
Away from the scorching heat,

Ahhh....inside the temple is even better, got carpet and fan...

Staircase also not spare...
Ok, tour guide, where are we going next?
jk: 'Let's go to 3 King Monument.'

me: 'what is that?'

jk: 'how the hell I know, I havent been there before too'

me: 'aiyo, you are the tour guide fail fail!'

The Museum just behind the 3 King Monument Statue. Yes, I went inside to look around, see where got toilet...haha

Not interested in visiting a Museum...

Anyway, we called it a half day tour by now. Since the weather is getting hotter and we are sweating like dog now, we should stop by somewhere and order something to drink.

We found this 'Icy Ann' cafe....
Aren't those chairs and table cute? :D

Mostly they serve ice-cream, milk shake and coffee...kid's meal with mickey's face

I think she is the owner of the shop. Lovely lady. Always smile...

Jk ordered ice coffee float with Peanut ICE CREAM!!!!

And I ordered ice blended kiwi with some berry...I forgot. But it tastes good....

After rest for awhile, off we headed to another temple: Wat Phra Singh

This temple originally built in 13th century by some King to honour his father (yes...again..)
Big Entrance to Wat PhraSingh
After googling searching for the history of Wat Phra Singh, I realised that this beautiful structure is called Wiharn Lai Kam where the phra Singh Buddha is rested inside.

Beautiful huh?

Big Buddha Statue covered with gold
Behind the wiharn is a chedi supposed to house the ashes of the king's father. But we didnt see any ash urn :D
Jk came out with a briliant idea. I always complain that I look fat in every photos he is taking for me. I asked him make me slimmer and see what he have done......

"Take half body ma slim lo"

And the other half....haiii kek sei yan loh...
Just few birds swimming in the drain

Suddenly I felt something swimming in my eyes. At first I thought I dropped some eye lashes inside. After a few blink, contact lens dropped off, darn...
I become one eye dragon...hahaha
And my eyes sight cut into half after that.

I want to go back and change to another pair of lens but since we are too near to our in-plan temple,we might as well visit this place first....
Wat Chieng Mun
Well, nothing much here. It looks just the same to me...Ohh...I spotted something here. A lazy dog hiding in some bushes, sleeping. Let me go nearer sin...
It saw me and stared at me. Gosh...baring it's teeth to me and growling somemore.
I thought he is going to serve me some tea because I heard the sound of boiling water. :D
Don't provoke, dont provoke..teng teng teng ti lei..
And I quickly went off...

Enough Wat/temples for today. By 5pm, we were so hungry....
Order a plate of stir-fry chicken in basil leave (yes, we can't get enough of this!) with a bowl of rice.
Khao Soi (yes, again... :D)
But this is far more better than yesterday. I ate half way only I realised that I haven't snap a picture of it.
And fried pad-thai. This is yummy...delicious
All dishes are for sharing purpose. Not to be consume by one person. haha...

But after that, while strolling down the street, we saw McDonald's Uncle statue. Went inside and order some dessert

Mine. Carrot Cheese Cake. Slight hard on the outside. Must they put in the display box for some time already.
How come we don't have McCafe in Malaysia?You see this fei chai...Had all those chicken and rice de and he's still eating burger. Well, at least Happy Meal really makes a person happy... hahaAfter that we were so full and decided to walk around the street again. Before headed back to out hotel, we suddenly missed tom yum gong that we had the previous night.
Off we went back again to that shop and order Tom Yum Gong and...
Broken be exact, seafood platter lohhh...

Aiyooo...fat fat fat...

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