Monday, June 10, 2013

Food in Bentong (Homecook) - part 2

Part one is here

Holiday in bentong just mean one thing and that is FOOD! I or rather we (me and Caleb) were stuffed with good foods everyday and I think both of us putting on some weight. My mom's favourite question of the day: "What you want to eat today?" lol. Ain't I lucky?

Anyway, here are some food pictures that I managed to capture. Most of the time I need to glup down as fast as I can because my mom is helping me look after Caven while me and Caleb eat. So, after we're done, only then my mom could eat. She always the one who eat last, all the time. <3>

Fried banana fritter with ice cream. My tea it! My all time favourite. Anything with banana won me over upside down.

This is Cheah's family (aka my mom's side) recipe for dry-curry prawn. It's a hand-me-down recipe from my maternal grandmother and every siblings in the family know how to cook this dish. Spicy, fragrant and so delicious especially with hot white rice.

Spring rolls with minced pork, chopped prawn black fungus, carrots, mushroom and corrinder leaves. Mixed all together, seasoned with salt, pepper, soy sauce and sesame oil. Rolled up in beancurd sheet, deep fried it and voila....these yummy cute little rascal.
Minced pork, prawn, carrot, black fungus, mushrooms and corinder leaves. 

Next up. Bubur cha-cha.
Bubur cha-cha is a sweet dessert made of coconut milk and gula melaka with diamond-shaped yam, sweet potatoes, tapioca flour jelly-like and bananas! Mom said that this bubur cha-cha origin from Penang Nyoya food because there's banana in there. With the banana, I've got to say that it's an excellent combination and leave a kick in my tastebud. You'd find me looking for banana chunks in that pot of bubur cha cha, all the time :)

This purplish color of bubur cha cha is due to dark purple sweet potatoes. It does look a little scary right?

Mom's dumpling. Every year my mom made her own dumplings (bak chang) and trust me if I say my mom make the most delicious kick-ass bak chang. I grew up eating her bak chang and only her bak chang thou I'm not a fan of glutinious rice. It makes me heartburn all the time, wtf. She uses the simplest ingredients which are mushrooms, half-fat pork belly, dried shrimps and yellow bean (not sure what's the name) but she seasoned and stir-fried everyone of them separately. Nice, very nice.....

Cha siew pau - left (BBQ pork steam bun) and tau sah pau - right (red bean bun). My mom can whip this out in 30 minutes as she always have spare red bean paste and cha siew filling in the fridge.

Caleb loves to eat buns so much and he just need to ask "Ah ma, char siew pau?" and it drove my mom straight to the kitchen. Spoilt, spoilt brat, ish ish ish......

Filling oozing out.....mouth-watering ...uh la la......

My mom's signature dish called chye kueh (vegetable dumpling). Ocassionally my mom would make this and give it to her friends and neighbours. Sometimes she would sell them too but depend on who's ordering. She don't do stranger's business, only a few of her close friends.

Kiam chye boi. The leftovers, hokkien style. But actually there's nothing leftover here. My mom basically cooked it and purposely keep it in fridge for a few days. Just because her dear daughter (that's me!) wanted to eat this dish. Sweet, sour, spicy and aromatic because of the big roasted pig trotters in there. Yummmm, thick collagen...oh yeah!

If the above collagen is not enough, fret not because mom cook another round of pig trotter in vinegar and ginger. Oh, so delivishing good!

Say, when is the next school holiday term? :)


mun said...

So much tasty food! I am salivating just looking at your photos.

Wabbitfoot said...

Hi mun, oh yeah! I'm salivating too looking back at these pictures.

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