Friday, March 8, 2013

Caleb and his swollen eyes

I have a history of allergy, well I think I do but because I didn't go to see a doctor to confirm it, so I'm not too sure. Whenever I did spring-cleaning or went into someplace full of dust, I'll sneeze my lungs, kidney, liver and whatever out. I have a high record of sneezing over 20 times in one go. It's true! No kidding ler.

After marathon sneezing, my nose started to get stuffy and runny with whitish mucus.One moment, I got a runny nose the next moment I got stuffy nose and sometimes I just couldn't breath. I have to breath with my mouth open.

There was one time I got bitten by a bug. I'm not sure what kind of bug was it but it was quite a big one. My eyes got swollen so bad and I had to get a jab. Saw a doctor and yes, she said this is one of the allergy reaction from the sting.

I didn't know this kinda allergy is under genetics and hurray! hallelujah!!, I passed on this 'great' gift to Caleb. Yesterday his eye got a bit swollen after he woke up in the morning. I thought that was just a mosquito bite and didn't really pay attention to it. It got subside after he came back from school but got worse in the evening.

He scared the shit of out me and brought him to see a paed immediately.

The paed started to go through things he ate with me or any changes we did to out home or around us. But it's really hard to exactly pinpoint it. Foods wise there's nothing new being introduced. No new home fragrance, no new detergents....the only thing that happened was we got our air-conditionals clean up the day before. I remember they were using some sort of liquid chemical and it smell really bad until I have to bring Caven out from the house.

So, in the end, the doctor didn't prescribe any medicine for him and just said that whatever it is that caused this allergy, we just have to wait until it cleared off.

Today is the 3rd day and yupe, he's getting better and his eyes didn't swollen anymore.


yvonne said...

It's quite hard to tackle for allergic case. I was once allergic to seafood and dust (or so I thought). And suddenly I grew out of it when I moved to stay in KL during my uni years. Funny and weird.

Take care!

Wabbitfoot said...

Haha.. probably ur antibodies grew strong :)

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