Friday, December 14, 2012

My new 2nd boss

Finally, the very much waited moment......

Presenting my boss no. 2

Name: Loo Caven
Gender: Boy
Date of birth: 10th Dec 2012
Weight: 3.56kg
Length: 53cm

Caven has spiky, straight and black hair. A big difference compare to Caleb as Caleb has very minimal count of hair, curly and brown color hair when he was born.  As for the eyes, nose and mouth, it's just about the same. Haha....good job Caven. :) My mom kinda disappointed because she really love curly hair, just like Caleb.

Caleb came to the hospital and met didi for the first time. He didnt have any unsual behaviour as I we kept on mentioned to him about having another companion to play with. He even got a present from didi. It's my previous iphone3. Did some minor changes to the phone like changing the cover, rearrange some of the apps inside and voila.... a gift from didi. He was over the cloud when he unwrapped it. :) of cox there are some restriction to it. Only we will whip it out and let him play when there is an emergency to make him quiet or if he behave he got to play with it for 15 minutes, ya i know, although it is his :)


eugene said...

And Caven and Caleb shall bring you loads of joy and happiness,,, enjoy every moment with them,,one thing for sure,without you knowing it,they will grow faster than you could ever imagine..

Congratulation dear,rest well and immerse in the joy of having the second boss,, great weekend and God bless ya

Wabbitfoot said...

Thank you, eugene. Yes, they will grow up in a blink of eye, very very fast. Ya, you too have a great weekend.

yvonne said...

Congrats for the new member in the family~~

Baby Caven and I share the same birthday, yay!

Wabbitfoot said...

Hi Yvonne, thanks. Oh really? Same birthday as you? Happy Belated birthday to u :)

mommy to chumsy said...

Congratulations. Such an adorable baby :)

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