Friday, November 9, 2012

Bi weekly check-up and a little painting

31 days to go...

Went to my bi-weekly check up this morning. My Obs informed us that he already booked the Operation Theater to perform my C-sect on 10th Dec, 3pm. He told us to be in the hospital at 10am and last meal before 9:45am. No food and drink after that. Not even water. bet I'm gonna have my nasi lemak ayam goreng on that morning and a cup of White Coffee or nescafe ice. Hmmpph....One month confinement with no coffee intake can be really torturous since coffee is my daily drug.... :(

Anyway, baby is healthy. I asked if my baby is too big, my Obs replied "Well, one thing for sure, he is not small lor". Darn, why can't he answer me straight. Fyi, this doctor always tease me when I asked him something.

Upon scanning, baby's weight slightly more than 2.6kg. In just 2 weeks, he already gained 600g. I wonder how my tummy can complied with his growth now and another month. My stomach, kidneys, intestines, liver must have squash down by the baby. I hope they can work perfectly normal again when the baby is out.

 Me and Caleb did some coloring yesterday out of boredom. So first I took a large piece of mahjong paper and stick it on the floor. Scribbled some pictures and shapes in it. I know, my drawing is a little retarded.

Anyway, he loves painting very very (x10) much. He could forgot about everything when you mentioned "Do you want to paint?" His smile never failed to light up on his face.

Just like this...

I'm not satisfied with the smile so I asked him to smile nicely again. Then he gave me this smile. Ok, better.

Half an hour later, this what came up. Of cox with a little help from me.

I especially like the apple tree. Nice huh?

Satisfied look on the face...

and he is a happy boy :)

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