Monday, November 12, 2012

More laundry to do....

28 days to go...

We went back to Bentong the last weekend for final packing because after this trip, we won't be going back anymore, right until I've delivered. The earliest we will be going back again maybe is after baby's full month. Picking and packing those hand-me-down baby's clothing from SIL in Singapore and brought back 3 big bags. I guess right until 1 year my baby will have sufficient clothing to wear. No more buying already.

Anyway, my mom did some washing for me but still I got a hell lot more washing need to do back at home. My mom only washed all those white lampin and for the rest like nb clothing, mitten & booties, bibs, pants, I need to wash them at home.

I wonder how to hang them dry, they are so so so tiny. It's been a while since I need to handle them like a piece of cracker. Oh wait, even cracker is bigger than those mittens and booties. :)

That is why I'm planning to get one of this from Ikea. They called this an 'octopus' maybe due to it has 8 arms. It's nice and compact and easily to fold up when not in use.

Jk, buy this one ah... (let me bold it in red, hah!)

PRESSA Hanging dryer 16 clothes peg (RM19.90)

 And there's one more thing. I like this drying rack. It's tall and fit very well in our yard (as you know, my yard's space isn't very big), just nice to hang those white lampin and little hanky and clothes. And when there's not much laundry to hang, it can be fold into half to stand against wall or fold flat for easy storage.

MULIG Drying rack, 4 level, white (RM119)

Good eh?


Cynful Pleasure said...

oh yes.. the octopus thingi is really good help!

Wabbitfoot said...

Ya...i think it will help to dry all those teenie meenie mittens and booties. Now I'm drying it like 'salai satay' on drying rack. Hah!

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