Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kid says the darnest thing

I completely forgot about this until my mom brought this up when she talked to my aunt over the phone on other day.

I went over to my mom's house on CNY eve (jk's house and my house is just 8 minutes drive) as every year my mom would cook up a feast to give our offering and prayers to the ancestors. This year we are adding another name to the call-up list, my youngest ah chek (uncle) who just passed away last December. My mom reminded my father do not forget to call up his youngest brother to come  too.

Anyway, as usual, my mom would prepare steamed chicken, meatball soup, chap chye, fried mee, rice, fruits wine, Chinese tea. My father was setting up the table and chairs just in front of our main door. I helped out by bringing out the foods and arrange nicely on table.

Caleb was playing with his toys all these while me and my father walking to and fro from kitchen bringing foods, chairs, bowl, chopsticks and glasses. After all done, I said "ok, all foods out already" and suddenly Caleb dropped everything on the floor and proceed climbing up the chairs (which mean for the 'guests') and said "Ok, Mami come, let's eat"......

I was stunned. My father was stunned too... Hahaha. I quickly pulled him off the chair and said "No, cannot eat". He think for a while and said "Baby chair?"

Hahahaha.....I almost die laughing.

Apparently back at home, after I've cook dinner, I would bring out all the dishes and put it on our dining table and I did said "Ok, come eat-eat" :D

And the baby chair, yes, he need to sit on baby chair everytime he eats at home.

Yes, kids say the darnest things when you least expected it. :)

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