Monday, October 31, 2011

Caleb went crazy...

Jk went out to tapau chicken rice this morning and since I don't feel like eating one, I told him to skipped my portion. So, after Jk changed into 'kai kai' clothing, Caleb went to him and hugged his leg tightly. "Cay-ler go kai kai, Cay-ler go kai kai" - means he want to tag along too.

Since the father didn't want to disappoint his son's request, so ok-la, the father and son happily went out tapau together. Me and my mom in law also happily stayed at home doing our own stuffs without Caleb disturbing us. :)

After 30 minutes, I heard somebody shouting my name. Aiyo, so loud until the the whole apartment know my name. "Open the door! Open the door!". Shocked.... I quickly open the door and I saw jk was carrying Caleb while struggling with 2 boxes of chicken rice in hand. Caleb was crying, the both eyes were red, saliva and tears filled up the whole face. Aii yai yai...what happen?

I opened the door for them and Jk passed Caleb to me. He was crying, yelling and going haywire. I hate to say this but I thought he was possessed. I tried to calm him down and asked him what happen, what he want. He just said: 'yeh-yeh, want yeh-yeh, car-car, see yeh-yeh'. (Yeh-yeh is his grandpa, jk's dad)

Eventually, somehow, don't know why, Caleb have this thinking that Jk gonna bring him back hometown to visit yeh-yeh. So when they reached the kopitiam shop selling chicken rice, he started yelling on top of his voice, "No, no, no...dadi sit sit" and don't let jk stepped out from the car. Jk managed to order tapau and came back home while Caleb was still screaming on top of this lung for yeh-yeh. Back home, nothing seems to calm him down. Crying and shouting he wants to go back to the car. No choice, I carried him, took car keys and went down.

Down at my apartment, he saw birds flying and stopped crying. He said "bird fly", I said "yes, bird fly back home, you wanna go back?". He said: "Noooo..." Ok, fine. Next trick. I let him sit on bench and continue watching bird flying around. After awhile, when he is more settle down:

Me: "come, let's go back we eat ice cream ok?".... "Noooo"

Me: "kiwi?" .... "Noooo"

Me: "orange juice?" .... "Noooo"

Me: "belacan kangkung?" .... "Noooo" - with a chuckle (mmm...that's a good sign)

Me: "Kung pou chicken?" .... :Noooo" - bigger chuckle (:D)

Me: "Koo lou yuk?" ..... "Noooo" - start laughing

Me: "come , let's go back, we play bubble with turtle, whale, octopus and frog, ok?

Silent....... (even silent is a good sign)

Me: Mami blow bubble for you.....turtle blow....octopus blow.....bla bla bla...

And he finally NODDED.


And we went back.

(sometimes, baby has crazy temper.....)


eugene said...

Looks like Caleb misses the 爷爷 a lot,, so nice of him... hey just to digress a bit,I heard from my pharmacist friend,please try not to feed our boy too much of chicken this and chicken that, cos they are (almost)hormone injected,scared lah,if they become soft in the future,, just my opinion,hope you don't mind

have a great week ahead ya

Wabbitfoot said...

Hi Eugene,
Thanks for the advise. I agree with you 101%. The kung pou chicken or koo lou yuk just to tease him and no, I didnt feed him that :)

Yes all outside foods are injected with dunno-what hormone this and that. Quite scary....that's why if possible, I will go for organic when it comes feeding him.

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