Sunday, June 27, 2010

What the hell I'm doing now?

It's 2am now. I know I should be sleeping but I can't. Just finished msn with my cousin 2 hours ago. Talking about my misery which hunted me for 2 weeks now. Feeling so upset, sad and angry at the same time. Need to think about happy things. Yeah yeah...going to Sunway Pyramid tomorrow. Ok, amazingly I feel so much better already. Lie.... :)

After pouring it out to someone close, I feel much better now. But both of us having a swollen eyes to go into bed with. :<

I suppose to feel better and slumber into la la land but still it's bothering me. Dont know why. Maybe I do know just that I can't think very well.

I told jk I cant sleep. He said "then watch tv la. I go read book".

Ok, watching TVB drama now. Suddenly I heard 'kot kot kot'sound. One glance to my right, jk sudah masuk la la land. I guess I wont waking him up, let him sleep la. Then I can conquer the whole bed tonight... :)

Brain jammed, eyes blured, head getting heavy....Ya, time to masuk la la land also.

Good night....

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