Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Caleb is back to the house

Yes, Caleb is back to our house. He is doing quite alright except the first night he whined until 12am. I know he's very tired but cannot keep the eyes close. Maybe he feel that the room he always sleep in is not the same. The ceiling is not the same, the bed is not the same, the wall is not the same....but mummy is still the same ma...

Oh well, I just let him whine until he cant stand anymore, finally he fall asleep...and woke up 7am in the morning. I think he's too tired and conked out.

Yesterday we brought him out to Oldtown Kopitiam for breakfast but he fall asleep again just before we arrived. So we passed around (me, jk and my mil) so that everybody can have breakfast in peace. He woke up 20 minutes later in silent...(that's very good :D)

We went to jusco after that to buy more bibs. This guy drooling so much that he wet almost every clothes he's wearing. Sometimes he spill his milk 10 minutes, half an hour or even 2 hours after his meal, sprouting out like waterfall. Haiz.... but every doctor got the same answer for me, "Dont worry, it's normal. It more like laundry problem rather than health problem" So, ok lor.

After jusco, we went back. He whined again...yes, he whined when he is damn sleepy. Again he conked out and sleep for 3hours. Went out for dinner with jk's aunt and her family. Fall asleep again.... Since baby need to sleep so we all call it a night and went back. When we got back, my mil put him to bed and he woke up 10 minutes later. "Yea...I finished my napping. I need to play now"

At last everybody conked out....

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