Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One pot cooking

My favaurite food these day consists of one pot cook or one pot meal. First because I'm the only one who ate lunch at home, second because there are not much cleaning up/washing up to do after that. Talking about lazy, huh?

Anyway, tofu has been my favourite especially Japanese tofu. The silky smooth texture offer the best comfort that I needed, anything from steam, fried or steel-pan. Once we dined at this 'tai chow' kopitiam and we kinda chit-chatting with the boss while taking orders. We asked for steel pan tofu and guess what he said. He said that is the most silly thing you can order in a restaurant. Of course we asked why. And he explained just because one additional steel-pan is being used instead of plate, the price whopping up so much.

Point to ponder, eh?

For this particular lunch, I choose Japanese tofu cut into pieces, coated with corn flour and fried it with small amount of olive oil. Digging every nook and corner in the fridge, took out everything that I think can be added in. I found carrots, french beans, potatoes and crab sticks. And everything goes into the wok.....

It was a comforting satisfying lunch indeed....

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