Monday, March 23, 2009

Lunch @ Absolute Thai

We've been planning for ages to go to Ikea since day one they got this sales going on but jk seem so busy and dont have the time. Busy-bee..... until last saturday he finally make up his mind to at least make the effort to go by hook or by crook. Ikea having this sales only until end of last week....The reason why is because we need a baby cot. Other places like Jusco or Parkson or any other baby's fair, they are selling like RM800, RM900 and some over RM1000. My my... :o

So, when we reached Mutiara Damansara, as usual traffic was building up. Jammed all the way from the traffic light in front of Cineleisure up till Ikea's parking. Anyway, we managed to find a parking in click of second thou...lucky lucky :D

First thing first...LUNCH!! Luckily I had my breakfast at home, milk and maggi mee if not I'll definitely dead and cursing all the way...Oh yea, pregnant lady expert in cursing :D

We had lunch at Absolute Thai situated inside IKANO.

Upon seated, the menu was ready on the table. Eh, this is good. At least we dont have to 'yapping' for the waiter to bring menu to know, like in Pappa Kopitiam. Sigh...

Jk ordered Thai Iced Coffee which is sooooo damn good. It's has an unique flavour into it. Definitely not the usual Nescafe stuff we had back at home. Trust me, order this if you're happen to dine here.
Sinful 'coffee monster' pretty decent today. So didnt order anything sinful... I ordered a pot of Jasmine Green Tea. I didnt manage to finish it because most of time, I'm sipping jk's iced coffee....hohohoho
Stir-fried chicken served with steamed rice topped with sunny side-up. Actually it's just stir fried chicken with rice tambah telur mata kerbau. RM13.50
Sunny side-up = telur goreng laaaaa......
Tasted quite good. Almost as same standard as if you're eating this in Bangkok. I think they add quite amount of fish sauce into it. I only eat half, half wallopped by jk and did I hear something about 'non-fish-eater'? LOL
Tom yum seafood with bee hoon in clear stock. They also have another version for thick base soup. But since the taste is below average, dont think this will come in mind again if we happen to eat here...

What happen at Ikea? I'll reveal that in my next post... :D

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